My Boyfriend’s Besties Bigger

My Boyfriend’s Besties Bigger

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I need it. My boyfriend is drunk again and I’m horny as hell. I look great tonight hair and make up perfect. He bought me this hot outfit for the night and everything. I have this hot little surprise on underneath. I’m ready to have this gift unwrapped. He might be too drunk with a limp dick but I can tell his friend is just as ready to go as I am.

This wasn’t my plan but all night long we had drink after drink after drink. I swear his best friend was staring at my boobs all night. I always call him out for being a creep even though low key I think he is really sexy. After my boyfriend started acting wasted and seemed out of it, his bestie was quick to be all over me. He’s really tall and handsome. He was really really charming tonight. Normally I think he is such a douche bag. I didn’t realize he was so aggressive, and pretty much right in front of Steve.

 I can feel my stockings pull against my garter belt as our flirting becomes more physical. My blood is pumping fast. I’m so drunk and horny. I can feel his friend’s bulge grow up against my leg. He’s huge. I’m so curious, I can’t control myself. I want to know exactly what he’s working with. I fantasize about what a big man like this would feel like.
I’m so wet. I can feel his finger trace up my leg. He rubs over the top of my new lingerie. He pulls my panties to the side as I ease over the tips of his two fingers. He slides his fingers deep inside me. He waits a moment, his fingers are all the way inside me as he looks deep into my eyes. I’m so tight around his fingers. My pussy keeps tightening up from the excitement. I imagine him sliding his cock deep inside me, inch by inch. “I need your cock now,” I beg.
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He flips me onto my back pushing my panties a side. He learns down and licks my pussy. His cock is out and hard. He slips it up against my wet pussy, slapping his cock all over my wetness. He rubs his cock over my clit and starts to force it into my tight hole. He’s so much bigger than my boyfriends little 5 inch cock. I spread my legs wide as he pumps his entire cock deep into my pussy. “Fuck, you feel so good,” he moans.

He pumps hard and deep. His balls slapping up against my ass. It feel so magical how he drives me crazy with that big dick. I watch him work in and out of me. I’m so turned on watching his thick cock slide into me. I can feel my body getting closer to the edge. I spit on my hand and start to finger my clit. My pussy tightens. I’m so close. “Play with my nipples!” He reaches down to twist my hard nipples. My body goes crazy. Cumming all over his huge cock. He fucks me hard. I scream hanging on for every bit of the orgasm.
I lie next to him on the couch, out of breathe. I’m boyfriend’s hunched over in the chair sleeping like a baby, on the arm rest of the chair across the room. I get up and head to our bedroom. I’m so tired I can’t wait to go to sleep! “Make yourself at home.”

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