Even Queans Have Masters

Even Queans Have Masters

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Even Queans have Masters.

by: Quean Mo (not Dominica VonTrapp)

For years I’ve been on a path to self-discovery and sexual liberation. Like most people in search of themselves, there have been some bumps along the way (in my case, even some whips, chains and bruises). Traveling with a Master has made the world a more vibrant, and sometimes (wonderfully) painful place. The adventures have just begun.

Together, Master and I seek the hottest sex clubs and people, in hopes of one day fulfilling my fantasy…

I am a heteroflexible cuckquean. I want to watch my Master fuck another woman. More specifically, I want to watch Master dominate another woman.

The further I go, the greater understanding I have about my own identity. I am a brat, I am a submissive to one man, and a potential dominant to women. I believe in a pleasure-centered life, and that no sexuality should be repressed, so long as it doesn’t cause stress or harm to the individual, or anyone else.

I am Quean Mo. I enjoy being worshiped in the bedroom, as I’m tied down, collared and made to feel like a whore – this is my place of comfort. I trust myself most when I’m pleasing Master. I love myself most when my legs are spread for him. I am not abnormal, I am not ill, I am a sexually liberated woman who understands the difference between play and reality; my consent versus coercion; connection through pain and humiliation versus abuse. I have learned to not let anyone into my bed that does not abide by my words, who does not have my pleasure in mind – even if that pleasure is derived from pain. I am a submissive, but I rule my own sexuality. I am Quean, but I have a Master. I am liberated.

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As Master and I search for the mysterious female who will one day fulfill my cuckquean fantasy, I aim to liberate others by sharing these truths. I am a sex blogger, and Call of the Quean is my small contribution to the great wide web. I share my sexual life, while also paying tribute to the freaks who repress their inner kinks; to the prudes who are made to feel abnormal or boring; to the LGBTQQA community who still fight for their rights and recognition in 2018; to the women who are left feeling ambivalent over their own bodies because the media has bombarded them with contradicting messages about what they should be, like and feel; to parents who are raising children and don’t know how to handle the S-E-X conversation; and for people who are just simply curious.

We’re all normal.

I’m simply hoping to assist others in setting their wild free, while in the mean time, continuing down my own path of lovely torture. As humans we are unique and ever-changing. The goal for Call of the Quean is to challenge the one-size-fits-all patriarchal mentality surrounding sex. I do this in a positive, sometimes shocking and other times (very, very) sexy way.

Quean Mo was born out of a beautiful and (consensually) violent relationship. One that gave her the space to reflect and flourish, embrace and love herself.

Having a Master is my sexual-happy place. So, the Quean wants to know, what’s yours?

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