The New Guy

The New Guy

My Mind is Racing

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I didn’t know what the next moment was going to bring. Face down ass up, I’m bent over ready to let him stick it into my eager pussy. I’ve been teased for almost an hour. I can’t help but to think about it. I’m a size queen. Fucking a new guy is a big deal for me. I say no all the time to little dicks, they don’t turn me on. I haven’t got to see it or feel his cock yet. My mind is racing. We’ve never touched before but I’ve often wondered what his dick might look like. Now we’re in the heat of the moment, crazy hot and turned on already. The instant felt like a life time. Between the passionate making out, handful of drinks and the intense attention to detail over my entire body, I was ready to explode! At this point it was feeling a little BDSM, mind torture and intrigue. Enough resistant and un-touched zones. He’s dominating me. Making me want him enough to beg.

He knows what he’s doing. Giving all that attention to my curves, he knew he was about to take that pussy. Though we haven’t explored those regions but I know I’m wet. GOD I’m begging this goes well. My senses are heightened and everything pointing toward my body needing to cum. Everything up to that moment was perfect. I’m crazy turned on. I’m sure my pussy is dripping. A complete make out and nasty teasing sessions has gotten completely erotic with out either of us touching the best parts. I’m about to die. I’m so turned on and teased I’m ready to explode. My nipples are hard and my body is aching for him.

I Didn’t See it Coming

Waiting and hoping it’s everything I want, he slips it in. FUUUCKKK. It’s huge. It’s fucking so big splitting me open exactly how I NEED. I moan out reaching back to touch. He slaps my hand away taking complete control. All of this is crazy. I didn’t see it coming… well maybe I did but not like this, damn. Bent over, locked down, he knows what I need. He reads my pussy as he fills me up completely with that huge cock. I feel my body lose control as I let him takeover. He knows exactly what to do. I can feel he’s experienced as I cry out grabbing for the sheets. He flips me sideways not skipping a beat. He hits the next level taking me further into this trance. He pulls my head back by my hair, arching my back and pounding even deeper.

I feel my skin prickle into goosebumps as I edge closer and closer to cumming. I’ve never felt so out of control and controlled. He makes my body do things most men can’t. I can’t control my moaning. I reach my hands up to play with my hard nipples. I feel his cock inside me excite. His throbbing sends me over the edge. I scream out. Yelling as he takes the orgasm from my body. I’m lying there helpless cumming as he perfectly pounds my pussy. He makes it last and last. I feel like I’m drooling, I’m so out of control by the way he throws it down. My pussy is locked around that enormous cock cumming hard. I shake as I finally come to a finish. He can tell he’s completely satisfied me, he’s pleased with himself. He asks just to rub it in. “You like that?” He pulls out and shoots his hot ropes all over my exhausted body.


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