Naughty Girl

Naughty Girl



Good Things Cum to Those Who Wait.

He’s waited for so long for this moment. The clicking comes to an end as I get up to the front door. I answer it wearing the sexy black outfit he picked out for me and had sent to my house a few days ago. All black everything up against my milky white skin. I’m covered in the finest lace, leather and silk from Agent Provocateur. Tall black leather thigh high boots strapped up covering my tiny beautifully manicured feet. I’m wearing an intricate design of silky, black, crotch-less fishnet stockings clipped to my beautiful new gaudier belt. I can feel my expensive new panties getting wet with excitement and anticipation for daddy. On top a delicate and flattering see through bra just above a sexy, tight black, corset.
The door squeaks open and there he is in his beautiful grey suit holding flowers, a bag of groceries and a bottle of vodka. I didn’t expect all this. The entire day my longing was already growing. I pampered the entire night before and all afternoon long for this evening. I felt relaxed and ready to go. Shots were pouring as the food was cooking. All I had to do was keep the drinks coming as I watched this gorgeous man make me dinner in my kitchen. Vodka, laughter and sexy new lingerie are my biggest turn on. I sat there lighting a joint watching him cook me up one of my favorite meals. He turned the burner down and walked over to me as I handed him another drink. He threw it back as I look a sip of mine and a long drag on my weed. Before I exhaled he had already crouched down and slide my panties to the slide and started eating me slowly.
 Pleasure Unreal
I thought I died as I sat there buzzed up and getting pleased. He opened my pussy and licked me there in the kitchen chair as I smoked my joint until I came hard and loud. HOLY SHIT this day is unreal. His cock was rock hard as he returned back to the stove to finish cooking dinner. He didn’t ask for anything we just continued laughing and having fun. My face hurt from smiling so much. Dinner was great, I was so impressed. Almost an entire bottle of vodka was down and we were hang the time of our life. Playful touches turned into deep massage, massage turned into passionate kissing. We headed for the bed thrusting up against the walls and furniture along the way. Lustfully making out we broke a lamp in our way to my bed.
On top of the covers he spread my legs back open and kissed over my silk panties. He traced my panty line with his tounge and told me to just lay there and relax. I rushed through levels of euphoria as he moved down to my ass and bit it gently. I’m so fucking hard eating your ass he moaned grinding his dick into the bed as he kissed my butt cheeks. He spread me open and ate my ass until I was dripping cum all over the bed and moaning loud. He circled over over my clit with his fingers sending me over the edge. He held me close as he forced multiple orgasms out of my body. I laid there spent as he traced up my body and to my breasts. He flopped down next to me and kissed my check. I love taking care of my little girl he whispered lovingly. His kisses the top of my forehead and told me to get some rest. He cleaned up the kitchen and Ubered home. I’m still getting chills thinking about that amazing experience. I feel like a queen and I can’t stop smiling.
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