A Knock At The Door

Can't Believe This one

The Bell Rings. I wasn’t expecting anyone. I run over to the intercom. It’s my boyfriend’s best friend. He says he lost his wallet after watching the baseball game and wanted to come up and check around. I buzzed him up. I just got out of the shower, so I threw on my robe and waited for him to come up to our place. Nothing out of the ordinary, I was getting ready to start my day. I always thought his best friend was really handsome. He’s tall and has a great body. There is a knock at the door. I open the door to let him in. He checks me out as he walks past. I’m flattered. He’s always checking me out. I look at his butt as he makes his way over to check the couch.

“Looking clean,” he says childish way. I can see I have his attention. Wow I think to myself. I’m so flattered. He’s so strong and good looking. I don’t think that It’s going to go much further but then as I lean over to check out the other couch cushion, I feel him press up against me. My blood rushes. Fuck I’m instantly horny. He grinds his cock up against my ass. He’s enormous. I come to for a moment, shaking my head, acting like I need to check the other side of the couch. I’m breathing hard. I can’t help but be turned on. My pussy is wet.

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I reach in deep and stand up straight. Big, flirty grin on my face, I have his wallet. He take a few cool steps toward me taking the wallet right out of my hand and pulling me in close. I can feel his erection up against my body. He reached around neck and cradles my head, leaning in for a kiss. He completely draws me in. I kiss him back. Its hot and passionate. My head is swimming and my pussy is starting to drip onto my thighs. I can’t believe my boyfriends best friend is kissing me. I open my robe.

I open my robe and let it drop down to the floor exposing my perfectly perky large tits he’s always staring at. He picks me up kissing me. Holding me tight against his body, high up in the air. He lays me back on the couch and spreads my legs. He stares at my wet pussy and then leans in to taste her. He licks softly all over my pussy lips and over my clit. I’m moaning loud. He’s so good at licking my pussy. He spreads my lips open with his fingers and sucks down licking over my clit. I scream out in pleasure. He sucks and then goes back to licking over my entire pussy. He brings me to the edge as he sucks on my pussy again. I’m his.

He stands up and whips out his hard cock. It flops heavily out of his pants. It’s even bigger than I thought. My boyfriend has a small five in little cock. His big best friend is so much bigger than he is. His best friend has a huge 10 in cock. Big and fat I stare at it amazed, frozen, hoping he fill my little pussy up with the entire cock. I’ve never had a cock this big. He walks it over to my face. I pick it up and immediately start to suck that cock. It’s amazing, I don’t to stop. I can’t stop fantasizing about fucking him now. I suck him loud and deep. Gagging and spitting on his big cock I look up at him with my big blue eyes as I jerk him. I want that 10 inches.

Fuck He's Bigger

He gags his ten inches as deep as he can into my eager mouth then quickly pull his cock out and smacks it all over my face. It’s so big and heavy as it slaps across my face. It’s hot and exciting feeling such huge piece of meat for the first time. He spreads my legs and gives my little pussy another lick. I’m dripping wet from sucking his cock. “Mmmm you’re such a little slut for me,” he moans as he leans back. He lines his cock up over my belly and looks at me. He knows he’s bigger than my boyfriend. He wants me to see how full he’s about to make me. He traces his tip into my wetness, up and down he slides his cock over my pussy. He presses his cock to my pussy hole.

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He forces the tip in slowly. Pure bliss. I can feel his huge cock spread my tight pussy open. “Fuck,” I melt, letting him take control and do whatever he wants. I lay there my boyfriend’s bestfriend’s little slut. He pumps 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5 inches inside me. He’s so thick. I’m pleasantly in pain. “Your cock is so much bigger than your friends, take it all daddy.” I beg. He jams the last 5 inches deeps causing me to cry out. His cock is so enormous. I’m such a slut for his big cock. It feels so good. He works his big cock in deeper and deeper, thrusting the fuck out of me. My big, huge titties bounce out of control as he takes my slut pussy. He forcefully starts rubbing my clit. I can’t take it much longer. He rubs his fingers around his cock where he’s stretching me out. I can feel how much cock I’m taking. He starts to rub my clit and fuck down harder.

My blood heats up. My nipples are rock hard. I lie there moaning taking this huge cock like a good little slut. My legs are spread. I’m fully of his meat as he rubs over and over my clit. My pussy gushes and my back arches. Legs spread wide I cum hard all over his huge cock. My body tenses as I moan louder and louder. I feel his cock start to pump his hot cum deep inside me. I’m cumming hard as he cums inside me, grabbing my tits in pure pleasure my body is shaking. He unloads his hot cum inside me filling me up. He pulls out and hits my ass with the last squirt. I’m out of breath. Fuck I think I’m about to be addicted to that big cock. I’m such a naughty girlfriend… I wonder if my boyfriend will be able to tell.

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