April Poll Panel Question:  Have You Ever Been Caught in Public?

April Poll Panel Question: Have You Ever Been Caught in Public?

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Hey guys! You all remembered to answer this months Poll Panel Question? Have you ever been caught in public?

Here Is What Everyone Wrote In.

Have You Ever Been Caught in Public?

Did you write in your short story? No details are off limit. Leave your response anonymous or take all the credit. The good, the bad, the ugly CAUGHT stories will be compiled and published in today’s poll panel question.

Every first Tuesday of the month a poll panel question is asked to regular vanilla people, sexy models and hot porn stars. One thing in common, all giving you their opinions on the hottest and outspoken topics. All the poll panel questions are added for your reading pleasure. You’d never know how freaky these secret freaks are! Keep Reading!

Take a quick minute to read what other SlutLife.com fans are saying. Thank you to all that contributed all your wild entries into this month’s blog!

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Have you ever been caught in public?

One Male Follower writes in:

Yes, on a grey hound bus going from Florida to new York.

Freaky House Wife’s Night Out | BUSTED LITERALLY… on my face

My husband and I were at the casino. He wasn’t drinking that night and I got super drunk. We were having so much fun. I was getting so horny. The more he won the more I was drinking. As we were walking out I convinced him to go into the family bathroom in the waiting room lobby. Right away I popped out my titties and pulled out his dick. I was down sucking his cock and going at it so good. I could feel him about to cum when the door opened and this older man popped into the door. My husband couldn’t help it. He came all in my throat and pulled it out freaking cumming all over my face!!! The old man like turned ghost and got the fuck out of there. We laughed and laughed. I cleaned up and he took my drunk ass home but that’s why he loves me.

Webcam Girl

This girl that I perform webcam with… we decided to make out and hook up next to this lake we thought was private. We were all out in the middle of no where on a hike. We found the perfect spot to set up and started going at it. She and I were all over each other. On the blanket we had the vibrating toy out and everything. I’m on top of her, she’s eating me out and I’m playing with her pussy with the toy facing the camera. She’s spread open. She’s licking me so good. It’s hot, were into it. I’m about to cum and I look up and I see these two extremely hot guys watching. It was so hot and random. We begged them to come over and play with us. They wouldn’t because they were married but they did come closer and let her and I show off for them. Their cocks were so hard. I think they thought it was weird to pull their dicks out in front of each other but I know they went home and busted some hot ass nuts to the though of she and I fucking. It reminds me of a porn… oh wait… it was 😛

Cam Girl Confession I’d say who I am but my boyfriend doesn’t know we begged for their cocks. Big no no 😡 :p

Male from LAX

My mom walked my girlfriend into my room busting me banging my guy best friend in high school.

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Dominica Vontrapp

This might sound really bad but I don’t remember ever getting busted. I probably have been drunk… I’ve had people see me have sex but I like it and I can’t say I minded. Sometimes I know others can and would see. Closest I’ve even been was a long time ago I was banging my boyfriend in a bathroom at like an arcade and someone like tried to get in the door but it was locked and they didn’t know two people were in there fucking… no bust, they couldn’t see behind the door. We just kept going a bit quieter. We both came. No one was waiting when we got out so… clean get away.

Office Manager

I got busted at my office by my secretary. So awkward. She still works for me. I always think she thinks my penis is small or like I wasn’t doing a good job. Unimpressed she just walked out like Ewww. I feel like a shit head actually. Seriously awkward and I don’t wanna bang my secretary… it’s really not like that. Way to spice things up at the office.

26 yr Old Female from Woodcrest

My sister busted me and my boyfriend having sex one day after school. I was so afraid she was going to tell. I had to clean her room.

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