Bad Bad Burlesque Girl

I get so horny when my boyfriend watches me

I love to be watched. I don’t think that would surprise anyone. I’m a travel burlesque performer, model and Instagram attention whore. The flashy tiny costumes, the bright lights and the constant stream of the fan’s love online excites me day and night. In my personal life I’m always horny and obsessed with trying new sex toys, positions and sexual ideas. I recently bought a Wi-Fi controlled toy. I can stick the toy into my horny pussy and let my anyone with the code control me from anywhere on the planet. Just the thought of being controlled makes me wet. I get so horny when my boyfriend watches me from the audience. After every show we can barely wait to get home before we start fucking each other. I can’t wait for tonight’s show. I have a new performance and my outfit and number is so hot. It’s the first time I’m letting my boyfriend see it. I decide to make this a surprise performance that he’ll never forget.

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I’ve slipped the little toy into my pussy backstage when no one was looking.

I’m the second act. I’m ready. I’m dressed up sexy in my glittery new outfit. I’m texting my boyfriend from backstage. ‘Babe. I’m so horny. I can’t wait for you to see my new dance,’ I text quickly. ‘Fuck babe. I’m about to be hard right in the front row,’ he messages back. I feel my pussy tingle thinking about daddy’s cock getting hard for me. I love when I get to dance for him. It’s like no one else matters. As soon as I’m done, I want to help myself to his hard cock. He’s going to love this though. There is only one minute before my song actually starts.  I send him the code to my toy as I walk to the middle of the dark stage. I’ve slipped the little toy into my pussy backstage when no one was looking. I want daddy to control me while I dance, in front of everyone. I’m aroused thinking about holding my back my moans while I dance and my true excitement. This toy feels good too. It will be hard to hold back, to show no signs of the sexual pleasure to my audience. It’s naughty my pussy is already turned on. I see his face light up as he accepts the control of my pussy, his eyes are wide as he looks at his phone. There is no movement in my panties as the music starts. My mind races wondering when daddy will start to pleasure my pussy.


I’m approaching the end of the first verse as I start to take my first article of clothing off. My gloves. As I tease the audience, I can feel the toy quicken, sending a slow steady buzz through my pussy. The music is loud. No one can hear my moans. As each glove is pulled off, he quickens the vibrations. His rhythm flows with the clothing articles. He moves and sways with me. The pleasure is torture as I tease my tops fasteners. I moan, my body is fully turned as my top makes its way to the floor. My pussy is quaking. I turn fast in my routine and the buzzing stops. I continue as normal yearning for more. I dance for the crowd alluring their eyes to my belly and hips as I’m showing off the next piece I’m about to take off. The more seductive I become the more the pleasure intensifies. I’m a button away from taking my skirt off. It’s hard to hold back the pleasure. I pop the button and the buzzer goes wild. I drop to the splits and lean forward smacking my ass exposing my horny wet spot to the crowd. The vibrations fluctuate. Daddies turned on I can tell. He’s not making this easy on me. I must have made him very stiff because he’s moving the motion up and down causing my body to nearly collapse. And just then it ends. My song and the vibration.

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I wait for my applause and exit the stage. I put on my robe and had over to my things. The bar boy approaches to congratulate me. Daddy sees and starts the buzzing. I know he’s there, but I can’t see him. I say thanks for the kind words and continue to get dressed in my room. The buzzer is at a steady low. There is a simultaneous knock at the door and with the vibrations of my pussy. I moan with delight as I rush to the door. Daddy is here to play. My pussy is soaking wet and I need him to look at it for me. Tell me if I’m ready to cum. I run into his arms and start to kiss him. We only have the room to ourselves for the remainder of this song. He feels over my panties at how wet I’ve become. “Your dance was perfect baby,” he drops to his knees cranking the vibrations back u and starts to lick my panties. He pulls them down and licks my wet pussy. I’m dripping wet as he slides his fingers over my lips. I moan. He turns up the vibrator and unhooks his pants. His hard cock stands out and I dance up close to it, sticking it between my legs. He pushes me over and sticks his cock right in. He moans loud, fucking my tight pussy with the toy still inside me. The feeling is crazy. I’ve never been so stretched out. I moan loudly and he fucks me hard.

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My wet pussy is so full. He smashes his full cock deep inside me while the toy hits my gspot perfectly every time. I’m already about to cum. The full feeling on double penetration and a song full of teasing is sending me over the edge. “Cum for daddy,” he can tell I need it and knows I’ll listen. “Be a good slut for daddy make that little pussy cum,” he grabs my ass apart fucking me deeper and deeper. I scream with his hand over my mouth. He puts his fingers in my mouth causing me to cum more and more on this cock. Daddy pumps harder as I make him cum hard and fast. Neither of us lasted long. I’m completely out of breath as I kick him out to change. The meet and greets through the crowd are about to start. I clean up and get dressed. I mingle while he watches. I know he likes it when I’m holding his load. I’m so turned on. I can’t wait to fuck him again when we get home.  

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