Barbie and Ken Workout on Video Chat

Barbie and Ken Workout on Video Chat

Barbie Misses Ken

Barbie and Ken have spent a little over a week apart. Ken is on a business trip. Modeling on a tour in Australia. They miss each other very much. They decide to do workout together over video chat. Here is what happened….


Ken: Hi Barbie

Barbie: Hi Ken! I’ve missed you soooo much.

Ken: I’ve missed you too Barbie. Things just aren’t the same without you.

Barbie: Thank God for FaceTime! I’ve been missing our workouts.

Ken: Me too. Wow! You look amazing. Is that a new outfit?

Barbie: Yes Ken. I got a brand new outfit for our work out today. I wanted to wear something special. Just for you!

Ken: Thank you babe. You look really great. I hope you’ve been staying on your fitness routine I left for you. I think we should go over your leg work outs. (He observes her shorts are very short and wants to get her bending over.)

Barbie: That sounds great Ken. I’ve been paying attention to all your instructions. It’s so boring with out you though. I’m so happy we’re doing this. What should I do first babe? (Barbie is eager to get started)

Ken: I’m going to coach you. Make sure you set your phone up somewhere safe so it doesn’t fall and I’m able to see you.


Barbie walks over to her phone stand. Sets up  her phone and waves hi.

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Do Another Round of Squats

Barbie: Hi Ken. How is that?

Ken: Looks good babe. Ok first I’m going to have you get down on the floor and do some stretching.


Barbie gets down on the floor and looks at Ken for more direction.


Ken: Ok Barbie. Spread your legs and touch your toes.

Barbie: Ok. Like this?

Ken: That’s good Barbie but open your legs and really try and stretch for those toes.


Barbie makes little moans as she stretches out as far as she can. Reaching each foot for a stretch and reaching down the middle.

Ken: Ok Barbie. That looked really good but turn around and stretch down for me just so I can make sure your form is perfect.


Barbie turns around on the floor. Her legs are spread apart and she reaches for her toes. Ken notices how great her ass looks in her tiny mini shorts and starts to get hard. He doesn’t let her know how worked up her work out is getting him.


Ken: That’s perfect Barbie. Just Keep stretching. (Kens eyes widen. He wants to see more.) Wonderful babe. Ok, hop up and now I’m going to have you just standing up and touching your toes some more.


Barbie bends down. Ass in the camera. No idea how horny she’s making Ken.


Barbie: My muscles are so tight. I’m glad you’re loosening me up before you work me out.

Ken: Me too (hold back chuckles)


Barbie continues to do a quick stretch.


Ken: Ok Barbie. Grab your dumbbells I’m going to have you start doing some squats. Do me a favor and move the camera down a bit. I want to make sure you’re going down deep enough.

Barbie: (smiles) Ok Ken. I’ve been working out so hard. Let me know if you think I’m getting any results yet.

Ken: Will do. Now put your weights up in the air and start to slowly go into the lowest squat you can do.


Barbie listens to Ken and starts to drop down into some extremely low squats. RIGHT OVER THE CAMERA. Ken can’t help but start to get hard. Barbie continues to do squats. She wines out cute little moans are her legs start to tire.


Barbie: Am I almost done Ken? My Legs are really starting to feel it.


Ken stops tugging at his pants to give her the next instructions.


Ken: Great job Barbie. Now I’m going to have you rotate each leg doing lunges.

The camera falls a bit showing between Barbies legs a little more. Her ass and pussy look great inside those little shorts. Ken is really getting turned on now. Barbie is moaning really cute and very loud. Her beautiful legs are starting to hurt and Ken can’t control his boner.


Ken: Ok Barbie, do another round of Squats.


Barbie pouts but listens to Ken. She looks so hot as she starts on another set of squats. Ken is fully hard and starts to take his cock out to play with it. He sets his phone down to watch Barbie’s work out. His cock is out and when Barbie looks back she’s going to see what he’s doing. Ken doesn’t care. He misses his girl. She’s so hot and it’s been sooo long. Ken starts moaning as he jerks his cock. Barbie’s ear picks up on his naughty noise and turns back to look.


Barbie: KEN! What are you doing?!?! We are supposed to be working out!!! (She’s annoyed but slightly turned on) Is my little leg work out starting to turn you on.


Ken: (In his chair, legs spread and cock out) Yes Barbie. I miss you so much. I can tell you’ve been working out. You look so good. Baby don’t stop.

Barbie: Yeah Ken? You think my booty looks so good huh? Your cock is sooo hard. You want to stroke it for me?


Ken nods his head like a good boy. Waiting to hear watch Barbie says next.


Barbie: It’s time to listen to Coach Barbie you bad boy. Tisk Tisk. Pulling your cock out during my work out. I’m going to have to punish you. You’re going to have to listen to me while you stroke that cock. I’m in charge now and I’m going to work that cock out sooo good.


Ken continues to nod as he strokes his cock up and down. Barbie picks up the phone. Eyes on Kens cock, she bites her lip.


Barbie: Ok Ken. I know you’re so horny for me. Are you horny for this big as? Barbie takes her phone and starts to show her ass to Ken.


Ken: Yes Barbie. You have the nicest ass.

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Barbie: Stroke that cock hard Ken. Show me how bad you miss me. (She sets her phone down to pull her pants down over her asss.) Do you like the way I shake it baby?


Ken nods and Barbie continues to dance, making her ass shake sexy in front of the camera. She turns around and starts to pull her top up. Ken is jerking his cock so hard.


Ken: Damn Barbie I can’t believe how naughty you are.

Barbie: Well Ken, I’ve been missing you too. I want you too see how hot my body looks. ( Just then Barbie pulls her bit titties out from her bra, letting them flop out.)


Ken stops and takes a double take.


Ken: Wow Barbie you look so good.

Barbie: Did I tell you to stop stroking it Ken? (smiling naughty)

Ken: No Coach. (Smiles and sits up straight to listen to Coach Barbie. He puts hands around his cock to show her how hard she’s gotten him)

Barbie: Mmmm Ken, show me how hard I’ve gotten you with my Squats. (Barbie turns around and pulls her bare ass out even more and starts to go back into her low deep squats)

Ken: (moans) Damn Barbie, yeah.

Barbie: Can you see my gains? (Smacks her ass hard. Stands up and cups both of her cheeks with her hands and giggles her ass.)

Ken: Yes Barbie. Wow you look so good. (Ken starts to stroke his cock fast and hard)

Barbie: Show me how much you’ve been missing me. Do you miss fucking into this tight hot body?

Ken: Yes (Ken is relaxed back in his chair enjoying Barbie’s sexual teasing. His cock is so hard. He loves this naughty side of Barbie. She’s so hot, he thinks to himself)

Barbie: Work that cock Ken, show me what I’m missing. You look so hot stroking that big cock. (Barbie starts to grab her nipples and rub over her body.) “MMmmmmm” (Barbie moans and slowly dances for the camera.)

Ken: Damn Barbie you’re going to make me cum. Beg for my cum baby.

Barbie: Yeah Ken cum for me baby. Oh yeah I want your cum so bad. ( Barbie moves closer to the camera. Using her sweet eyes she begs for Ken’s cum. She plays with her body and starts to slide her hand into her pants.) “Cum for me baby. I want to see all your hot cum squirt out for me”

Ken: (Strokes his cock hard moaning.) Yeah Barbie

Barbie: (Grabs her body seductively) Cum for me baby give me all the hot cum. Cum all over my hot face. Let me taste it, give it to me now! (Barbie opens up her mouth and sticks her eager tongue out.) “Cum for me.”

Ken: Fuck (Ken strokes his cock a few more pumps making it explode.)

Barbie: (Sees Kens hot load shoot into the air she’s so turned on) Wow Ken that was so much cum for me. I can’t wait until you get home!! Now I miss you even more

Ken: Damn Barbie that was good. I miss you so much. Look what you do to me. (Ken looks around at the mess he’s made)

Barbie: (Giggles) Oh Ken. I love you. Talk to you later

Ken: I love you too Barbie. Bye

Barbie: Bye Ken

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