Blowing Her Mind A Hot Lesbian Hookup

Blowing Her Mind A Hot Lesbian Hookup

Blowing Her MInd

I place my hands on top of her thighs and start so rub them apart. I see her tension fade and she enjoys the massage. I work my hands firmly around each leg starting right below her ass cheek with one hand and grazing her lips with the other. I massage lotion top to bottom, working it around in circles over her smooth skin. Her feet are perfect. Short, little toes and perfectly manicured feet. Her polish is holiday red and her skin is creamy white. I warm lotion between my hands as I pick up one foot. I massage the heel and into her arched soles as I lightly lick and suck each of her toes. She loosens as I take her in. Each toe is licked and sucked before I spread each toe with lotion. She’s melted in my hands. I kiss up her legs massaging over her stomach and down to her pelvic bone. I pull her pussy up by her manicured little happy trail. Her thighs are smashed together as I pull at her pubic hair again. I want to control her now. I want her to open and let me lick it. I’ll take my time; I would love to hear her beg. She already has been waiting so long.

I step a foot or two away and watch her flustered and pink now that I’ve got her going. She sits up. “Take off your bra,” I demand. She unhooks her top, exposing her sexy supple tits. “show me how you like them touched,” I encourage her to enjoy her body. On her knees she brings her hands up to her breasts and starts to squeeze. Her nipples harden. My  pussy gets wetter staring at her amazing titties. She works them up and down showing off her nipples and amazing “handfuls.” She pulls her nipples. They’re heavy and her nipples are hard. I don’t hold back any longer. I squirt lotion onto her titties and grope them hard. I work the lotion into her skin, smacking and pinching at her nipples between squeezing strokes. Her body is anxious. She’s lifting off the bed, offering her body to me with out even knowing it. She works her body toward my hands as I stop for a tease.

I remove my top.

My tits are horny and jealous from all the attention I’ve been giving her set. I want to be lotioned and felt up by her. I squirt my large chest with lotion. Grabbing the bottle I start squirting it like a horny slut all over my huge DD’s. I’m covered in lotion as she’s looking a bit in shock. “Touch me baby,” I demand her hands onto both of my breasts. My nipples are hard, and my pussy is completely throbbing. I rub down her sides and onto her waist. I pull her close. My hands on her ass and her body within my arms. I rub my bare breasts onto hers and playfully rub are breasts together, smearing hot lotion everywhere. I work my hands over her boobs and onto her neck and back over her boobs. I rotate choking her neck and squeezing her breasts to rub in the lotion. She rubs her pussy onto my leg moaning like a little whore. She can’t wait to fuck me. For me to make her cum. She’s waiting anxiously for anything I’ll give her. Her teased body aches for release. I can see her nipples hard with goose bumps all over her natural breasts.


I want to use her for my pleasure. I want to see how horny she gets for my wet pussy. She’s looked so hot from the moment she put on her leather submissive outfit. My pussy can’t wait. I want her to lick me now. “Lay on the floor,” I tell her as I pull down my pants. I stand complexly naked over her. My pussy dripping down onto her body. She squirms beneath me wanting some more. Her tongue is out, eager. I sit down over her face as she starts to lick up and down my swollen clit. My pussy is wet and needing more tongue. “Stick it out,” I demand as I side my hole down her long-wet tongue.  I ride her tongue like a cock. I fuck her face pumping down and she fucks back harder with that hot tongue.  “Fuck! Lick my clit,” I say as I rub my pussy over her face. She licks it hard. “Lick it harder I’m going to cum!” I clench my thighs around her face as I ride down smothering her with my fat kitty. I pinch my nipples, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” She grabs my ass apart and licks harder over my clit and hole. My body shakes out. Stunning my body into shock as she seems to lick deeper and deeper into my soul. I stay on top of her as I pull her hair until she stops licking.


I can hear her smiling. Body antsy still as the evening continues to heat up. I work my hands back over her breasts. Her body melts as I get her to lay back on the bed. Why tease her some more. I’ve been satisfied buying me some time to meticulous pay attention to detail. I’ll give her what she’s been missing. I’ll free her mind and body with this one. I decide to excite every inch of her body before I allow her to cum for me. I start with her scalp. I massage her head and lightly over her face. I detail her nose, lips and brows. I trace down her ears, stopping to lick and suck each of them. The ear suck really got my baby going. I pull my claws down her neck and over her breasts. They’ve already been massaged. It’s time to get them perked up to their peaks. I pinch them hard for only a second and then back in twisting them firmly as I make her moan. The aching pain is taking over her body. She’s ready for more but I will not allow it. I rub down her belly and down under her back to stretch her out. I position her open, back ached high and I instruct her to twist her nipples. She’s open and waiting. Propped up like a beautiful slut. I can’t wait any longer.


I stare up at her as she works over her breasts, biting her lip and inviting me with her open legs. She gyrates her pussy in circles to allure me. I rub her feet and such her toes. Her pussy has leaked juices onto the bed sheets. Her pussy is soaking wet for me. I finally touch it softly with my fingers. She roars an eager moan as I use both hands to open her up. I massage her open and lean in to lick over her wet hole. I open her further and pull up to expose her throbbing clit. It bounces to be seen. Needing to be licked I lean in to kiss her soft pink pussy. She convulses back trying to gain some composure. I suck down and hum, licking firming over her sweet spot. She’s ready already. I can feel her quicken and tense. I suck slightly and lick harder concentrating on sucking out her soul. I will make her mine now. I rub circles around her dripping hole, playing in her mess. She beats back, gripping the sheets and opening her legs into the splits. Her pussy is further into my mouth. My tongue flat pressed perfectly in place sending her body over the top. I insert my finger and rub into her gspot erupting cum from her pussy. I lick hard as she squirts cum everywhere. She moans deep, losing control of herself. I take her body over to take all that she has. Cum spurts from her pussy as I hold her in place. I suck every drop from body leaving her breathless. Her eyes close as I let her rest, reflecting on the time she’s just out of body experienced.

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