BTS Special Feature Shooting Hot Shots w Mixed City Photography for Dominica’s Darkside Magazine Domination Ad

BTS Special Feature Shooting Hot Shots w Mixed City Photography for Dominica’s Darkside Magazine Domination Ad

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Are abandoned buildings private or public? Exhibitionist Dominica VonTrapp shoots topless in an old Detroit abandoned building. “My heart was racing but it was such a thrill,” Dominica remembers. Sean Lowery and Dominica have been friends working on creatives projects for years now. They originally met as Dominica was moving back to Detroit from Florida in 2016. Both looking for new creatives in the area they ended up pairing up through a local networking agency. They clicked together in that group and now have worked on several various projects throughout the years. This photo shoot being their last collaboration. Dominica needed a sexy new photo for her special ad to be featured in Darkside Magazine. The shoot went perfect. “I got more content than I needed,” Dominica says, “I only needed one photo buuut I ended up with several photo sets and enough video content to make some wonderful new OnlyFans content!”
Looking for Subs, Sissies and All Kinds of Naughty Boys This hot new ad is Dominica’s first topless ad. This new photo will be running today in Darkside Magazine, September 24th, 2019. Dominica is looking for naughty boys and sissy girls to play with via phone and video chat. If you are interested in chatting with this goddess, Dominica is available to chat with fans. Please join her onlyfans click here or contact her on Instagram @yourroyalpimpstress | Video and Phone Chat ONLY. Custom Videos and Photos are also available. The magazine will only be featuring one of many beautiful photos. All photos from the Darkside Set will be starting to release today and will continue to be posted throughout the days to come over the next two weeks.

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Choosing a location

Choosing a location wasn’t difficult. Funny story. Dominica and Sean actually both wound up living in the industrial art lofts right next door to this location. “As soon as I started to brainstorm our old loft building popped into my head. I like the industrial feel and of course, the city,” Dominica says. “Sean did a little exploring at the building right next door while waiting for me. It was him that found the perfect location.” The area is abandon and looks like it’s under construction. Rough brick, graffiti, no roof and blown out walls. The photo shoot ended up producing several great shots that will be displayed on social media and on onlyfans. Social media will not have the full versions.

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Hot New Video

While Shooting the Photo for the Darkside Magazine ad Sean directed a hot new video for Dominia’s onlyfans giving fans an even deeper view of inside this photo shoot. Do you like tightly cinched corsets on hot curvy models? One video showcases Dominica tightening her corset around those super sexy curves. Watch this sexy tease turn into a topless scene. Dominica showed up to location in her hot lingerie under her sexy little sundress. Yes! It was as sexy as it sounds! Dominica removes layers and turns up the heat. Make sure to check out her new content


This sexy look is primarily from Janet’s Closet. They have a wonderful staff. Super friendly and helpful. They are not pushy but are available to you for sizes and showing you where to find things. If you need help or advice on what looks good they are also very kind in helping you find the perfect look. They have a huge selection. From Janet’s Closet Dominica bought her corset, lingerie body suit, shiny stockings. panties, and black star pasties. She also purchased several other looks that will be coming in photo shoots soon. Leather tie up boots and little stripped sundress are from Hair and makeup are done by Dominica. She is a professional cosmetologist and specializes in that hot slutty look for her and other models.

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