Chillin’ With Kizzie Chase

Chillin’ With Kizzie Chase

This Babes Unstoppable

Model Name

Kizzie Chase

Instagram: @Kizzie_chase_


Hi fans. I’m Kizzie Chase. My style is over the top glamour. I love the fake look like the long hair extensions and the long nails. MASSIVE silicone implants. I love big lips and veneers. I am also a huge fitness lover.  Before the pandemic I spent at least 2 hours in the gym a day. I am a keen weightlifter and cyclist. I’m also a big pug fan. I have 2 pugs that I adore. As time goes by I would like to get more pugs, I would like to have at least 5!

Kizzie's A Pro

I was professional pole dancer for 10 years. I am a glamour model, I do promo modeling, I’m a boxing ring girl and a hostess.

What do you love about your fans?
The things I love about my fans are that they are very kind, supportive and that they’re always there to bring me up when I feel down. They have helped me a lot through this lock down. They’ve even sent me little gifts for my dogs to cheer me up. All my fans are very generous, especially the American’s. I love American guys they are sooo cool! Not too long ago I created my onlyfans account which is doing very well. It’s also sooo much fun.

I have been in several magazines but would love to be in playboy. I did get asked by one of their top photographers to shoot for them last year but I was too busy at the time and the shoot was a long way away but in the future why not.

Handling The Pandemic

My life goals have changed since the pandemic. Really I just want the world to be as it once was and to heal and when it’s all over I’d
love to go and see my grandmother and give her a massive hug xx. Otherwise handling the pandemic has not been too bad. I have good and
bad days. I’m a massive family person so not seeing them has been really hard. I’ve just been baking, cycyling and dog walking. Oh and
making some fabulous pictures for my onlyfans xxx.

Craziest Thing to Happen on a Photo Shoot???

The photo that I sent with the braces/suspenders… they snapped on me as my boobs where so big haa and I had to tie a knot in them  to fix them back down. Everyone was laughing.

Boobs 32F
Waist 24
Hips 37


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