Daddies Missed You

Daddies Missed You

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I’ve been missing him so bad. He’s been in and out of town so much that I haven’t been able to see him in months. I know he misses me too. I hurry to park my car at the fancy hotel valet and rush in. I get there first to spruce up a bit before he gets there. I’ve been getting ready all day. I already have the lingerie on that he sent me in the mail. I open the door to the suite and there he is. Standing there he’s holding a big box. My heart speeds up seeing his smiling face. He throws the box on chair. I run and jump into his arms. He tumbles us over onto the bed and starts to kiss me, climbing on top of me. Kissing and pawing all over me there is no way we are getting dinner first.

He kisses all over my neck, humping my leg and ripping my dress to get my boob free. I moan loudly as he grabs my breast and takes as much of it into his mouth as he can, stopping and paying extra special attention to my super hard nipple. He’s grinding against me perfectly. I can feel my pussy already wanting to cum. I’ve been waiting so long. He rushes up my dress spreading my legs open so he can look at the new panties he’s sent. He stares biting his lip. He moves closer to me tracing along the line of what you can see of the tiny panties between my thick thighs. His cock is hard in his suit pants. My breathe heightens. He spreads my legs further. I’m ready NOW.

“Turn over, take off your dress.” He smiles loosening his belt. I sit up on my knees slipping my dress over the top of my head. I smile flaunting my hot body in the pretty little lingerie he bought me. I turn around to show him my sexy big ass that’s poking out of the straps clipped to my thigh highs. My heels are still on. I bend over sticking my ass and pussy up in the air for more attention. He spanks hard over my ass with his belt. I yell out a bit, trying to wiggle off the sting. “Don’t move,” he flogs down a bit softer, trailing the belt lightly over my pussy. He reaches down and grabs my neck firmly. I raise up onto all fours. He rubs my ass with his hands. Grabbing and spreading my ass checks. He spanks down hard and rubs out the sting, kissing my butt cheek.

He reaches around and puts his belt around my neck, making a collar and leash. I sit propped up while he enjoys looking at how wells he’s dressed me in the exotic lingerie he got on his last time to Europe. It fits perfect. The belt tightens as he pulls up right behind my ass forcing me to look back at him. He drops the belt and starts to indulge in all the perfectly packaged goods. Sliding the tiny triangle over my pussy to the side he starts to squeeze my thighs open. “Put your face down for daddy,” he spanks me and pushes me down to get a better view. He pats the end of the bed for me to scoot down, I oblige. He puts the gift box on the ground and pulls the chair up to the bed.

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Pussy in the air at the end of the bed. I’m dripping wet waiting for him to fulfill his fantasy of me shaking and convulsing my cum into his mouth. I’ve been waiting so long to cum from his tongue.  I fantasize all the time about the way he makes me cum, I’ve missed him so bad. He pats my thighs and grabs my ass open. I giggle. He leans in licking my ass and rubs his fingers lightly over my pussy pulling my juices up into my ass. He rubs his lubricated finger into my ass. I moan, my pussy is dripping down my legs. I feel a cold melt on my inner thighs. He continues working me up and gets the small butt plug into my pretty booty. I’m going wild, throbbing and waiting for him to touch my pussy. “Daddy PLEASE,” I beg.

He leans in opening me perfectly to accept his tongue. I melt. He spanks me to stay up. I prop up as he licks my clit. I clench the sheets. He goes for more licking me over and over again in circles. My body tenses up. My thighs start to shake and I’m moaning loudly. He licks over in circles making me lose complete control. I cry out shaking. He pulls my ass open and licks that pussy even deeper. My body is convulsing like crazy. My thighs are shaking as he licks up every drop. I can barley breathe, pulling away. He finishes up licking my lips and across the butt plug. I collapse over. Hair and make up a wreak. He cuddles in and kisses me. “Fuck I missed you.”

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