What is a dickstraction?
Yeah I made the word up but it’s for real a real thing. This is that guy you can’t ignore. He’s got that good dick that keeps you coming back for more. It’s sooo good that you make stupid choices. Like you would drive 80 miles for that dick, stay up late for that dick, call into work or miss class for the good ass dick. He puts it dooooown and I want it. Greedy, cock hungry, little lady right here. Such a bad girl for him. He knows it and loves it.
Damn he hit me in the DM. I’m trying to work. Trying to be productive but I can’t ignore him. He puts it on me. Fucks amazing, eats pussy amazing and will try anything I’m into. This isn’t a fuck boy. I like, love this dude. It actually kind of annoys me. Not him, he doesn’t annoy me. I’m annoyed at how much I like him. I’m a fucking weirdo lol. I’d do anything he wants me to do. I like would literally stop writing this blog for some of that D. My thirsty ass actually already tried to get him to meet up. Thank god he is so responsible or I’d just be a loser not getting anything done but getting dicked down.

Dickstractions are very real. That hottie on Instagram starts DMing you. You drop all the important things you should be doing and you start talking to him instead. You try to be a bad bitch but you are a bit thirsty today. I know there is no way I’m alone in all this. He starts talking dirty and your mind is dickstracted. You push your homework aside or that project. Girls get horny too and sometimes that DM can get you off course. The dick doesn’t even have to be confirmed as good for him to be a dickstraction. He can just be sexy and the thought of his dick is messing with your day. You haven’t slept with him yet but you know in your heart that dicks is going to be phenomenal. It can happen to the best of us.
Saying NO to dickstractions. This might be hard. You want to drop everything and tut that ass up in the air for him. If the project is super important you’ll probably have to put your phone on do not disturb mode or make a rule no naughty talk during business/ school hours. I’m already ADHD so focusing is already a problem. You can’t say no forever but you got to get this work done. Don’t let dickstractions come between you and your money. No one wins when you go broke. Understand mistakes happen and passion takes over every once and a while. When that happens its ok enjoy yourself. Sometimes the dickstration is too powerful and you have to fuck him now. In his truck behind the mini mall. I don’t judge. Anyhow stay strong, make that money, fuck that dick.
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