Do You Ever Fantasize About A Stranger

Do You Ever Fantasize About A Stranger

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Hey guys!

So this is the first Official Pole Panel Blog and I gotta say we are a bunch of FREAKS!!! We scored 100% all agreeing on this week’s question!

Question: Do you ever have strong fantasies about a stranger, somewhere random?

This blog is about getting the hots for someone you don’t know. Just seeing them got you crazy horny and made your mind start to wonder. I would have to imagine that this would happen to everyone but lol maybe not. Maybe some people can keep their mental hands to themselves buuuuutttt this poll panel is naughty and might get worked up a little quicker than your average bear. As always we keep are hands to ourselves we are not weird and rapie but sometimes when you see someone super fine you just click over to some kind of wild scenario in your head. (hand raised emoji) Guilty!

Anonymous Male and one of my FAV’s ever!!!

It was beginning of September 2016 when I seen this girl for the first time. I manage a very popular nightclub and within my city I’m well known. I’ve seen girls that guys dream about throw themselves at me and I would just brush them off and pay no attention to until the day I seen this girl. I remember walking up to the corner of the bar and just looking at the crowd, she was standing on the stage with another girl beside the DJ. Her friend had a white dress and she was wear a little black leather dress, with curves truly like an hour glass. Right away I knew she was the trouble maker, and I wanted her. I couldn’t stop looking at her laughing and dancing, I was praying for a miracle and see the dress go up but it never did. I wanted to walk up to her and introduce myself and offer her a drink, which I normally do for new guests, but this time my plans were little different. I wanted to sneak her into the back room behind the bar, lift that dress and spank her ass, I would have cut the dress open with my knife if I had too. Grab on her waist and thrust myself in from behind while I hold her boobs with both hands bringing her closer while I go deeper. She can scream and yell as loud as she wants, didn’t matter, and the music would be louder. I wanted to feel every inch of her body, and wanted every inch of me within her body until I explode. Having her drop to the ground cuz of her weak knees, gasping for air while my cum drips down her ass, me towering above her. Grab a hand full of her long dark hair, and make her suck me clean before leaving her and heading back to work. But I didn’t, I couldn’t for some reason, all I did was stare from a distance and think who is that girl, how have I never seen her before. Months later I figured out who that girl was. That girl was Dominica.

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Anonymous Female

As I was working one night as a server. A girl came in to eat. She caught my eye right away because she had a different look about her. Hard to describe but more of a simple but different look. She had the perfect figure slim but thick in all the right areas. So I immediately had a girl crush. Once I started waiting on her I just got more drawn in. She had an accent almost like a slight Latin accent. I could tell she was kind of the leader of the girls she was with which also turned me on because you have to love a boss bitch. The longer they were there and the more wine I fed her she got a lot friendlier. She started to get touchy and I couldn’t help myself but to think of bringing her home for my husband and I to play with. I was so turned on at the thought of leaving work right then with her and surprising him with this sexy woman.


I think all of us can relate to having a really attractive person get us all hot and bothered. I personally find that it takes a lot for people to entice sexual intimacy from me so when I find myself attracted to a stranger right away, in such a way that its distracting I usually end up sleeping with them LOL. If it’s there it’s there!



Yes …..I have a type and when I see my type, tall with long hair, or dreads or braids a tattoos nice body, I don’t discriminate I’ve dated all colors and races of men, but if he’s African-American light skin, I’m just going to hand him my panties cause there no use fighting the fact that I would let him f*** my brains out…..


Oh of course I do! I meet a lot of different people… From all walks of life, I always have a short trip of where that relationship could go… some for longer and more than I should haha

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Anonymous Male

It depends on how starved for sex I am but yes I have had fantasies about someone I didn’t know. There is a girl at my work who I’ve lusted after since I started here.  My cock gets so hard around her.  She has big tits and I just imagine sucking on them and fucking them until I coat them with my cum.  She was just talking to me and my dick was so hard.

Anonymous Bi Male

Yes I do :)… If I see a super hot stranger I’ll often think about sexual things with them.


Omg hell yeah. All sorts of scenarios/events. Both genders. I wish I had a hat or necklace that says “DTF” just to make things easier lol.

As for myself @yourroyalpimpstress I am a bit of a horn dog. I have a mega weakness it seems for a few types, I also have been noticing a I kind of have a new type that’s been hitting me with a little fire (a little older than me women, usually curvy) Ok so the real deal though that makes me start staring into the middle of nowhere, ignore everything and fantasize is these huge muscle hotties at the gym. I cannot be at the gym without thinking about being a complete whore for one of these beefcakes!

I hope you enjoyed this poll panel blog as much as I did… I’m pretty fucking horny now! OMG

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Thank you for reading!

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