Do It For Daddy

Do It For Daddy


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“Do it for daddy.”

“Do it for daddy.”

I smile and act shy. I try to go up for a kiss. “No little girl, do it now.” I make a pouty playful face that I don’t get more than one little kiss. I smile big as I get down on both knees, like a good girl, looking up. “That’s my girl,” daddy slides his finger into my  mouth to suck. I smile and suck his finger like a slutty little freak. His pants grow. He pats me on the head and walks around me checking out my stringy purple lingerie. The outfit is tiny and barely covering my nipples and pussy. One slight move and it all could pop out. I hear is belt loosen behind me. My body tingles. I sit still as he places his belt around my neck and starts to squeeze. “Do you like that little girl,” I say nothing. My nipples harden and my pussy starts to excite. “Follow daddy, good girl.”

I crawl on my hands and knees. I follow his lead around the room. I catch his glances from reflections in the room. I can see he’s mesmerized by my body as I show off my curves at this sultry pace. I swing my ass I crawl for him. He tightens his grip bringing me from my hands, perked up for inspection. He loves what he sees. He’s happy with himself, training his little wild animal so well. I’m happy showing off to win his affection. I know at some point he won’t be able to take it any longer and will need to devour me. My pussy is wet with anticipation. He spanks my ass, “are you bragging little girl,” he asks knowing that I’m showing off. He spanks again, “is that ok?” I nod. He knows his little brat can only take so much. “my little baby, so bad. You know you need to be spanked more. I’m sure you’ve been bad all week.” He grabs his cock and the belt around my neck a little tighter. He spanks and massages my butt cheeks until their pink and glowing. “There,” he states, “Now follow me to the bed.”

I get over to the bed and am taken out of my collar and helped onto the bed. I lie there waiting on my back for what’s next. I’ve been so good taking my punishments and now it’s time for daddy to enjoy. He spreads my legs. I’m dripping wet and my nipples are hard. The cool air reminds my how wet I really am. The waiting is killing me…. I’ve been so good. I need his care. He gets onto the bed in front of me starring at my pussy through my lingerie. “You’re wet.” He rubs his finger over me. I swoon, opening up further. It’s obvious what I want. I need him to touch me. He slides my panties to the side and glides his finger over my wetness, bare. I moan loud working my hands toward his head. “Oh no little girl. You don’t get to make the rules here.” I pant wanting what I now need. I worry I’ll explode soon as he just gets up leaving me there to get something from the closet.

He pulls a bag from inside the closet and pulls out restraint cuffs. “Give me your hand. It’s time you stay still.” He places my wrist inside the soft cuff and ties the end somewhere, up and over my head. I lie there as each limb is fastened with equal care, spreading me wide across the bed, unable to move.  The bondage has doubled my anticipation. My senses are zoned in yet I’m feeling out of body. The passion and euphoria are taking over. He acts as if he’s going to touch my skin. My hairs raise into goose bumps all over my body. NEED. I need to be touched. I’m moaning helpless in need of his touch. I beg, opening wide to entice him in. I’m ready to do anything he needs. “Relax,” he says calmly. My mind explodes as I attempt to obey knowing he will wait until he’s pleased.

My body relaxes as his tongue slides over my open pussy. I love him. The way he makes me feel. His arousal from my pleaser is intoxicating. I’m so desirable and edible. His kiss is my everything as he sucks out my soul. I lie there with not much room to wiggle out my excitement. “Mmmmmm,” I moan. My pussy is filled with delight. I body rushes. I’m on pace to cum as he intensifies his motion and concentrates on my clit. My arms pulled tight to my chains. He backs off. I exhale startled and yearning. I look up to see his grin. He’s up on his knees. Unbuckling his tented suit pants he asks, “are you ready little girl?” Cock in hard he leans over and kisses my neck, rubbing his big cock along my wet slit. I’m so close to already. I don’t know how much more I can take. He rubs his tip through my lips and starts to slide into my tight hole. A new feeling of full takes over my body as he pumps his huge cock deep inside of me. I moan out. Still spread completely open he ravishes my body. Thrusting deep and grabbing my boobs hard, pulling at my nipples. He smacks my boob hard spiking excitement through my pussy. He leans in and sucks down hard on my big beautiful tits. He grabs my pussy as he fucks deep into my hole.

My body tenses. My nipples are hard. Each limb pulled open. There is no restraint for his easy access. He loves his little slut. My body starts to shake. My huge jugs shaking. I’ve been edging for hours and I’ve almost made it. My knee forced further apart he cocks in deeper. I shake as my mind starts to break free.  I buckle back as daddy fucks my pussy over the edge making my pussy cream for his cock. My pussy tightens hard, greedy for his cock. “I’m cumming,” I scream as my body shakes hard. I have goose bumps head to toe. My pussy melts. Cum drips down my lips. The convulsions wont end as I start to feel him erupt inside me. His cock pumps deeper and deeper. His tense moans ease as he empties every last drop of nut inside me. My pussy still cumming welcomes it all pulling hard against my ties. My body collapses.

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