Throwback Thursday with Don Cross Photography

Throwback Thursday with Don Cross Photography


Don Cross has been a glamour, pin-up, and performance artist photographer for over 35 years.  His work has appeared hundreds of times in more than 60 publications. While he has photographed musicians, actors, and singers, most of his experience has been with models. Many of whom are also adult actors and producers.  Don will be sharing his experiences and sharing profiles of some of the models with whom he has worked with the readers at

Working Wonders with Miss Whitney Morgan

One of the best things that can happen to a photographer is to establish a strong collaborative relationship with another artist – hairstylists, make-up artists, designers, publishers – but the greatest is with a talented and skilled model!  My relationship with Miss Whitney Morgan started like a lot of others.  We had seen each other’s work on-line and made some positive comments.  Whitney was already a successful model, make-up artist, and video performer so, while I had certainly thought about how wonderful it might be to work with her, I didn’t think she would be interested.  One day, one of her comments was: “Why haven’t we worked together yet?”  There could only be one answer to that: “Whitney, when can you be available?” We began planning our first photo shoot together!

Although, Whitney is one of the most creative people I know and, as a producer, comes up with concepts and scripts for her videos, but she let me take the lead in our photo shoots; letting me develop the concepts, select the wardrobe, etc.  The plans came together easily but, I must admit, I was a bit concerned.  Like most photographers, I’ve had my fair share of last-minute cancellations and no-shows, even from some (supposedly) highly professional models!  Not Miss Whitney Morgan!

Whitney arrived on time, totally prepared, and ready to go to work – but the best was yet to come!  As we moved through each concept and wardrobe change, Whitney immediately took each idea and ran with it.  Every movement and expression she made was clearly pointed at making the best and sexiest image possible and a willingness to take a risk.  I’ve told many models that the price of a great image is the risk of a terrible image, but I never had to say that to Whitney – she knows! 

That photo shoot was the beginning of a very productive working relationship but more, as well.  Working with Whitney is just a lot of fun!  Alone in the studio, she is unfailingly bright and cheerful as well as being, obviously, sexy as hell!  When working with another model, she is helpful, supportive, and friendly.  Whitney is also a trained and skillful make-up artist and is always willing to help other models with that.

In fact, whether it’s in the studio or out in the internet world that encompasses most of this industry, Whitney in unfailingly supportive of her friends and coworkers. While promoting her own business, she constantly promotes other models, producers, and photographers – including me. Many of my other working relationships with models started with a reference from Whitney or from other models who, having seen my work with Whitney, decided I must be capable because Whitney knows the best!

Miss Whitney Morgan is also an on-air personality and co-hosts a program on Demonseed Radio in which she features some of the top performers in the adult industry.  You can hear saying sexy stuff at 8:15 pm ET at


Working with Whitney makes it possible to exercise some range.  Although she specializes in fetish modeling – bondage (top or bottom), dominatrix, feet, etc.- she is equally at home doing any kind of modeling – fashion, pinup, glamour, swimsuit, cosplay – she can do it all.  I suppose, if I didn’t think a picture was worth a thousand words, I wouldn’t be a photographer.  My photos of Whitney, accompanying this tell more than I can about her beauty and talent.

For any photographer or producer, if you haven’t yet worked with Miss Whitney Morgan, you have no idea what you’re missing.   For model fans or video buyers, you can see more of Miss Whitney Morgan at:

IG: misswhitneymorgan

Twitter: @MsWhitneyMorgan

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