Doughnut Toke Stones Now On Sale

Doughnut Toke Stones Now On Sale

On Sale Now

Looks Cute Hits HARD! Read Now

By: Dominica VonTrapp

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Doughnut Toke Stones

New to the Adult Novelty Store is the adorable and handy Doughnut Toke Stone. I am absolutely in love with this product after trying it out. It gets me so high. This cute little toke stone hits hard as fuck.

Together but Pleasantly Separate

As stoners we tend to find other stoners. We love making new friends in the weed community but what happens when you just want to keep your germs to yourself? The Doughnut Toke Stone also acts as a buffer between your germs and your friends germs or your friends, friends germs. Share the piece with your trusted friend’s or keep everyone’s cooties to themselves by keeping the doughnut toke stone to yourself. Just pop the joint in, puff, puff, pull it out and pass.

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Turn Any Joint Into A Bowl

All you have to do is stick your joint into the Pipe end where it can fit either a smaller blunt or chubby ended joint. There is kind of a minimum and maximum size this piece will accept. When you’re rolling up just eye ball the size you need it to be. Between both ends as an option I have never had a hard time getting my joints to stay in. I like to smoke fatties. 

The piece/ pipe is mostly silicone. Great material for pipes. One of my favorites because if you drop it, it doesn’t break. Breaking a pipe really sucks! With this pipe I do not suggest packing the pip with just unrolled flower in the bowl area. It’s been fine for me smoking it with a joint but I don’t think the intention is as a regular bowl… Might burn off your lashes.

Toke Stone 420 Gear Review Video
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Did you watch our how to use the Doughnut Toke Stone on YouTube? This silly review was my first time using this Doughnut Toke Stone. I have fallen in love with it. Watch me try it out now.

“Cough, cough, cough, cough”


Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the Doughnut Toke Stone is easy and simple because it’s made out of silicon. The silicone parts can be boiled, wiped with sanitizer, wiped with alcohol or scraped.  The top color or frosting of the doughnut comes off for easy access to the inside of the toke stone. The silicone seals right back up!


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