Drained Bad Boy

Drained Bad Boy

He's Been Awfully Bad

“Get the fuck down and shut up,” I kick him in his ass toward the floor. “Tell me right now,” I demand pointing at him. ‘I’m sorry mistress,’ he says shaking, ‘I’ve been a bad boy.’ I stomp the ground, freaking him out. “Yeah? You’ve been a bad boy, huh? How bad have you been?” He’s on his knees sitting on his feet looking down at the ground. ‘Mistress,’ he sighs, ‘I’ve been so bad. I need you to punish me.’ I slap him across the face, “I’ll tell you what you need. Kiss my boots and worship my legs.”

He kneels before me. I’m wearing tall black leather, hooker boots that lace all the way up to the thighs. I’m wearing a leather cat suit that zips from the plunging neckline all the way through my legs and around my body, to the top of my ass. My nails are long, my makeup is smokey and my lips are red. My hair is long and black. I look so hot. My body filling in my shiny leather outfit perfectly. He leans down, hands on the floor he starts to kiss my feet. He looks up from the ground at my beautiful body as he looks up at the gorgeous strict woman, he falls weak to. He feels his cock get hard as he takes my ankle into his hands and starts to kiss up my leg. He leans over to kiss the other foot with equal treatment. He rubs up and down my legs. “Don’t go any further, you don’t deserve more,” I say not letting him enjoy what’s right in front of him, “It’s time to make you pay. Get on the table.” I pace over to my wall of toys while he lays down with his back on the table. “Close your fucking eyes.” I shuffle around thinking about how I will make this bad boy pay. He’s been awfully bad lately and it’s my job to make him pay.

I walk over the table with the special toys I’ve picked and set them on the tray. “Keep your eyes closed and put your arms up,” I take his wrists and restrain him with cuffs to the table. I take a blind fold at put it over his eyes. My heels click slowly as I take my time walking the length of his naked body. I grab his legs and massage them a bit as I stretch them apart. I pull his legs into the ankle cuffs and lock them with the key. He can hear the chain clank as I secure him down. He’s not going anywhere. I throw the key across the room and into the wall. He can hear his freedom being tossed across the room. His boner stands higher into the air. I grab my tassel whips and dangle it lightly over his toes to startle him a bit. I can tell he’s focused, trying to feel what his mistress will do next.

I trace over his legs and thighs lightly. Slowly pulling away then cracking down hard in the center of his thigh. There’s a loud crack with a light sting. He knows it’s time to be punished. I trace up higher, circling around his hard cock. “You want me to touch that little thing. Bad boys don’t get it that easy,” I crack the whip across his side near his cock. “You think you’re going to just do what ever you want and come in here for something from me,” I yell whipping across his abs and peck muscles. I stop whipping to drag my nails across his chest. “I know what you want,” I choke around his neck with my hands, “but I’m not going to give it to you until I’ve tortured you.” I continue to trace and whip along his body prolonging the rituals and keeping him far from the pleasure of release. I grab the next whip. It’s more of a firm riding crop. It’s time to get the answers. No more going light. It’s time to really punish this bad boy. It’s time to tease him. He needs to learn come control.


I pull off his blind fold and stand in his view. He can see me standing there smacking my whip across my hand, ready to force out answers. “You’ve been bad, huh,” I say calmly. Heels clicking as I pace in front of him. “You’re just a nasty little boy who can’t say no, can you?” I start to trace my hot curves with the riding crop. I walk closer to him. “Look at that hard cock. You couldn’t say no if you tried.” I slap his chest. ‘No mistress, not to you.’ He pulls at the restraints. His cock has been hard for over 45 min already, but I plan to make those balls blue. “You’ll be begging like a baby when I get done with you,” I hop on top of the table, straddling his belly. I run the crop up his body. “You need to be punished,” I crack the whip over his nipples until he can’t take it anymore, ‘GRAMS!’ He cries out moaning in pain. I’ve lit his chest up. I drop the crop and start to twist his nipples. “You like that your sick fuck? You like when I twist your nipples after I beat you? I’m sure you’ll think twice to be so bad. “Let’s see those balls,” I grab a single cuff from my pile of toys and clasp the metal closed around his sack. I close it tight. I ignore his cock, yet it continues to grow. He’s moaning. I grab his balls, “These balls are mine,” a jiggle them firmly by the cuff and tighten the link into his sick. ‘Yes mistress,’ he moans headed out toward subspace. I stand up on the table over the top of him looking right into his eyes.


“I know what you can’t say no to,” I rub over the top of my shiny, tight leather cat suit. My double D titties are so sexy. I know he’s obsessed. He was hooked the first minute he saw me. I knew I would control him. I know exactly how to seduce him. How to make him weak. His cock is rock hard for me. I kick his cock with my foot. “Look at that cock. Sticking up in the air you fucking pervert. You can’t help but get hard when you see me can you?” I dance over the top of him, bending down to touch my toes and seductively touching back up my body. Up my thick, sexy legs, over my ass and pussy. He’s breathing hard. ‘No mistress. You control me. You control my cock.’ I drop down to my knees over the top of him starting to play with my zipper as if it was a dick. His eyes are fixated on my breasts. I start to unzip the top of this skintight one piece. “Don’t you wish I was stroking your cock?” I smile, naughty, looking at him. I want attention to his throbbing cock. He pulls against the restraints. “No, no. Stay still. Bad boys don’t get to play and have fun.” I pull my tits out and bounce on top of him. He’s unable to touch. My bad girl smile excites him more. I get off on the torture. “You wish I’d fuck you so bad. You know I’m so hot and you can’t have me.” I pull the zipper slowly down my belly. I grind his chest and call for all his attention as I turn him on pulling the zipper lower and lower. I look down where I’ve stopped.


The zipper is over my pussy. You can see through the suit my juices are starting to flow. My excitement drives him wild. ‘Mistress please,’ he begs, ‘please touch it. I need you to touch it.’ He’s gone crazy. He wasn’t to bust out of the cuffs but they’re too strong. His body is pulled open and I decide what he gets, and he has been bad. I look down at my pussy and bite my lip. I bat my eyes looking up at him. “Open your mouth. Stick out your tongue,” I demand as the zipper passes through my legs exposing my pussy and ass hole. I hover my pretty little pussy over his face. I drop down rubbing my pussy all over his face. I sit over him squeezing my legs and ass over his mouth and nose. I am smothering his face and restricting his breathing.  I sit there and choke him out rubbing my pussy into his face, just how I like it. I sit until his body freaks out, desperately needing air. I drop my pussy back into his mouth, “make your mistress cum.” He sticks his tongue out and licks my clit and sucks my lips. He licks into my wet pussy turning me on even more. I grab him by the hair, “I’m going to use your face to cum,” I run my pussy round and round. ‘Yes mistress,’ he licks between my lips over my clit. “Stick your tongue out.” He sticks his long tongue straight out. I slide it deep inside my pussy, riding up and down I fuck his tongue like a cock. It’s hot as fuck as he licks out my pussy. My body is shaking, “make me up.” He flicks his tongue over my clit and sucks on my lips. My full pussy is in his mouth as he sucks it deep and tongue fucks my hole. He licks my clit intensely. I can’t stop moaning. He sucks lout and licks harder, “fuck I’m cumming!” My pussy creams in his mouth. “Damn that was good.” I turn around so he can see my ass.

I lay over the top of him legs spread. Pussy and ass in his face. I tease around as I grab his cock. Immediately, ‘permission to cum mistress,’ he begs the first second I touch his cock. “No you’re a back boy.” I spit all over his cock teasing him more. He growns as I pleasure his cock but refuse to let him cum. I know it’s sore and so ready to bust. I grab his cock harder and start to stroke it fast. “You want to cum you bad boy?” I stroke his cock good and tease him. It’s hard. Red. And busting out full of veins ‘permission to cum,’ he asks again. “No,” I say quickly then drop down into full sloppy cock sucking. Loud and sloppy I slurp him down. I can feel his body tense, ready to release. ‘Please,’ he begs knowing he is not allowed to cum until I tell him it’s ok to do so. I suck his cock good. I make it real hard for him. He’s mumbling so hard it sounds like he’s speaking another language. I suck his cock down full. The entire cock in my throat and stay. ‘PLEASE Mistress, please. Permission to cum.’ I pull off and violently jerk his slobbery cock, “CUM.” I grab his balls and stroke his cock. His body pulls against the cuffs. His body drains. Ropes shooting high in the air. Jizz hitting the ceiling and dropping down onto his chest and face. His body relaxes. Every drop drained.

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