DTW to MIA: A Pit Stop At The Bar

DTW to MIA: A Pit Stop At The Bar

Heating Up Before Taking Off

“You here,” I ask fully knowing he doesn’t know what I’m talking about? The chances are slim, but I figured why the hell not. We’ve oddly only missed each other by minutes in the past. ‘Am I where? It’s early.’ My thoughts race as I imagine my little plan falling into play. After moments I don’t reply. I’ve fallen into fantasy land and have already let myself get too carried away while waiting in line just knowing there’s no way this could actually happen. I snap back to reality. “I’m at the airport. He he,” I text back about to approach the counter. I smile and chat accommodations with the lady at the counter, over grinning. My phone vibrates. “I’m here,” he replies, “and I’ve been bad.” My pussy throbs as my eyes troll around the airlines. I’m smiling, not even low key. Oh boy how did I know this was going to happen. I laugh to myself realizing this could really be some crazy fun. I’m wild enough to do it at this point. I’ve always had this fantasy. It’s been a rough week and I’m here for some fun after all. “Where are you at,” we both ask at the same time. I start thinking this is my destiny. I’m wondering how this could happen. If we’re in the same terminal, would we pull this off? I’m defiantly wet. My nipples are hard and I’m looking extra hot. My pants are on tight… I should have worn a skirt. I’m not really worried looking around a bit more. I doubt he’s around. I play it off again in my head, we’re never in the same terminal. My phone goes off. It’s him. He’s only 4 gates down and currently sitting at the bar. Right between us there just so happens to be a hallway filled with an empty help center and three bathrooms… One’s big and private, normally made for families. PERFECT! I sent a pic, “damn wrong terminal,“ I joke in the caption over the top of my sassy selfie to throw him off.

“So, you’ve been a bad boy huh?”

I rush down having ample time before both of our flights. I’m going to surprise him. I really start to get horny as I think of another slutty little fantasy that I’m about to mix in. I’ve always wanted to fuck a stranger at the airport. I look like vixen I’m happy I chose my leather leggings and strappy, black, low cut halter and super high heel boots. All black, hair to boots. Very sexual and demanding of attention, I click my heels and dodge my bags at the front door. I don’t skip a beat clicking my sassy ass right up behind him, “is this seat taken?” I rest my hand on his shoulder. He’s frozen for a min as I rub my hand down his arm and onto his thigh, he’s still unable to see me. “I hope you don’t mind,” I hop into the chair next to him playfully starring deeply into where his eyes will soon meet. I reach my out, “I’m jane,” I joke as I give him my new fake name. It’s on, I think. My blood is rushing. ‘I’m Kale,” he smirks lying right back. We shake hands greeting for the first time. My nipples are hard behind my shirt.

‘Can I get you a drink?” He smiles. I order a stiff one. I flirt hard. “Do you cum here often,” I joke rubbing my hand over his leg. Clawing my nails up his inner thigh. He’s no longer relaxed. Touching and teasing. I’m not a shy sweetie.  I’ve taken control of the conversation, the pull against his zipper tells me I’ve got control of much more. “So, you’ve been a bad boy huh?” I sip down the rest of my martini as my gaze demands an answer. I want him hard and uncomfortable. Here at the bar. He must be controlled. He’s not a stranger. I’m getting a buzz and I remember that he must be punished. I stand up against him. I put my arm around him forcing my breasts right into his face. I grab down on this leg laughing and tracing my finger up, over his cock. I causally make my hand back down to his knee before the bartender is aware of what I’m doing. She smiles seeing us flirt. She probably assumes were about to head off on a romantic vacation. I lovey dovey it up while she’s around to embarrass him further and hopefully it will nauseate her slightly into looking away so I can get away with my darker agenda.

Are new drinks are served and the young waitress heads back to her phone. We’re alone now on our side of the bar. I’ve gotten him erect and I’m feeling so hot to tease him. His breathing is awkward as I kiss all over his neck rubbing the inside of his thigh. I put his hand on the small of my back and close the gap between us, creating even more privacy. I restaurant is pretty empty now. I hold him by the cock, “can we get one of these lower booths?” I shout over playfully to the bartender. She nods. I didn’t warn him we were moving. I stand him up by the arm trying to turn him boner faced out. He’s so hard. He laughs covering it with his jacket and speeding over to the corner booth with his bag. The waitress offers to grab us another drink. I give him a devilish grin and order another round. I’ve really gotten a buzz and my slutty side is definitely taking charge. “I’m gong to punish you,” I whisper in his ear. I slide his hand into my pants so he can feel my wet pussy. The normally put together professional male is squirming next to me. “I control your cock,” I look into his eyes. “You know you’ll do anything to get this perfect pussy again. I’ve made you wait so long.”  I laugh. “I’m sure your balls are dying to explode.” He’s panting under my control. I lean over so that both of my hands are on each of his thighs. I stare into his eyes, “I’m going to suck you now.” I smile looking up at him, crouching down, eager to suck.

He’s freaking out. I barley let him move. I’m drunk and I know we’re being ignored. I grab over the top of his pants. “My god this bulge.” I grab him and start to rough his cock up a bit. Jerking him through the pants his eyes roll back and forth between pleasure and keeping an eye out. I can tell he’s close and fighting the release. No one touches his cock like I do. I know he’s been bad. Fantasizing and touching himself to images and memories of his mistress. He’s under my control and he will be punished for cumming to me with out my permission. He’s a horny little fuck. I know he needs to cum and can’t help himself. I say when he comes and I’m wondering when the next time I let him pop off will be. I could make him do it at any second. I whip his cock out. He’s absolutely shocked. Looking down at his bare cock out in public. “ooooo,” I look down at his throbbing cock. “Looks like I’ve gotten you right where I want you.” I stroke up and down his cock. It’s rock hard, red and stiff just like the dog he is. I wonder how long it’s been. He’s on the edge of his seat.


“You better not cum,” I stoke hard. I have his hard cock pulled out of his suit pants, sticking straight up in the air. I lean down again and blow on his tip. He moans loud and claws at the table. I wonder how long it’s been since he’s been sucked off. He’s dripping precum heavy down his shaft. “Whose cock is this?” I ask him knowing damn well I wasn’t being quite. ‘Yours,’ he pants. He’s willing to tell me anything, I’m unimpressed.  He wants me to go even further. I lean up and check him out. I look around the restaurant. He and I are around a handful of people, everyone obsessed with their own lives. “Who do you cum for?” I ask him stroking his cock, “do not cum without permission.”  I drop down fast and suck his cock deep. I swallow it hole. ‘Permission to cum mistress,’ he pleads with me. I shake my head no. There in the corner booth I put his cock all the way to the back of my throat and started to suck his cock as pleasurable as I can. Slurping and spitting. I suck that cock like a pro. I sit up to look around and stroke his cock.

His eyes are nearly stuck back in his head and his body is laid open, limp, all but his cock. I can see he needs me. I take him out of his controlled environment and show him what a bad boy I can really make him. He’s naked begging a woman in public. I love to see it. I love to feel how hard I get him, and I love pushing him further than he’s ever gone. Do I make him cum or do I make him wait? I stroke that cock up and down. I look him in the eyes, “Now you do what I say. You beg your Lady to let you cum. You resist until I let you empty your balls, do you hear me. You do not get to cum in my mouth. I wanna see your excitement shoot out as far as you can for me.” I spit down on his cock not breaking eye contact. I stroke the extremely lubed cock hard, “your gonna cum all over this restaurant and yourself you bad boy. You think you control this cock? I’ll show you who’s cock it is.” I stroke him hard and cup his balls. ‘no mistress,’ he realizes he’s not at home or out of site. He tenses up yet is still unable to break free from the pleasure I’m stroking between his legs. “You’ve been bad,” I lower my mouth back over his cock and suck loud and hard, stroking his shaft up and down.


‘Permission to cum Lady D,’ he moans, ‘please let me cum in your mouth.’ I suck harder and harder. I can feel his pulsating member holding back but close to eruption. I sit up quick and check to make sure were still good. “You cum when I tell you,” I say quickly as I drop back down sucking the fuck out of his hard cock. I slurp and stroke. I can tell it’s coming. He’s making weird noises out of control. ‘Lady PLEASE,’ He begs. I suck down a little harder and really slurp his cock all the way down. ‘Please mistress,’ I make him continue to beg as I speed it up. I stroke it hard and cup his balls. I lean back fast, “CUM.” I demand his nut straight from his balls as I give them a tug. White ropes shoot over the table and several feet across the restaurant. I squeeze his balls and lower my finger to rub over his ass hole causing more nut to fly up in the air and onto the table. I jerk every drop out of his cock, emptying his nuts. “Good job baby,” I laugh as I let him come back to reality and realize what he’s actually just done. His eyes widen as he sees his cum shot all over the booth and the table across the way. He zips up fast and wipes the sweat off his face. “Now clean this shit up and pay our tab, it’s time to go stranger.” I grin and finish my drink.

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