Emotional Cheating

Emotional Cheating

Understanding Your Emotional Cheating

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Emotional cheating is a very difficult situation to be in as its lines are blurry and everyone has their own opinion as to whether or not what you are doing is actually cheating. Part of not knowing exactly what you feel or the uncertainty of possible cheating makes it all worse. Emotional cheating is not new, both men and woman can easily fall into this kind of situation. You don’t think you are otherwise a bad person and you may not have done anything special for this to fall into your lap. Emotional cheating doesn’t always lead to you physically cheating. Your heart and mind are now in two places and it feels chaotic and sometimes wrong. You can’t get around your feelings easily when you’re mixed up. It’s hard to sort what is going on and what you need to do next. You have very real feelings for two different people.

Emotional Cheating And The Mental Effects

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You have not physically cheated on your husband or boyfriend but your mind is with someone else. The first thing you think of in the morning is the other man and how wonderful he makes you feel. All day you battle with the good, the bad and the confusion. Your main source of emotional pleasure and comfort is now coming from a different source than home. The effects of emotional cheating can be very serious for your relationship and take a major toll on your mental health. As happy and thrilling as your emotional lover makes you feel it also is completely eating you alive because of the previous commitments you have for another man.

You don’t always have to be completely miserable in your current situation for emotional cheating to start to occur. Natural settings like work, school and even church can lead to emotional cheating situations. You can’t always run from your problems or deny your feelings, so what do you do? Is emotional cheating really cheating? With where your situation is right now are you afraid of going even further.

Constantly Feeling Guilty Is No Way To Live

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Constantly feeling guilty is no way to live. Always having to hide your phone, you find yourself deleting text messages and emails. When that special person contacts you it’s hard to hide your excitement. You wonder and sometimes fantasize about the perfect meeting where you and the other man can be alone. You are unsure if you are strong enough to prevent this emotional cheating from going on any further and turning physical. Your mind is constantly tied up with thoughts of a forbidden man and it’s starting to show in the way you carry yourself. Your attitude has changed and those around you are starting to take notice. You know you haven’t done anything too wrong but you feel bad emotionally cheating and think you should stop. Several important aspects of your life are on the line and you need help sorting your thoughts on what to do next and how to get out of the situation you are in.

Our Book Was Carefully Mastered

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Our book was carefully mastered to help you when you are in these situations. Emotional cheating is explained and guidance is given. Emotional cheating can be tricky because you may not have always felt this way about the person you now adore. A coworker or innocent friend one day turns into something more. How did this happen? How did a simple friendship blossom into emotional cheating? Don’t blame yourself and focus on negativity. You’re here for help and we have the resource and guidance to help with emotional cheating.

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It’s nice to feel adored and it’s always nice having great conversation with someone who listens to you and makes you feel special. As women, we pick up on that we are doing and want the same for the other person. It feels rewarding to make someone smile and to also make them feel good. Part of the pleasure is putting the smile of their face and brightening their day. Emotional cheating can be complicated and often the other person is married. It makes you feel like you are filling a void that maybe you didn’t know was there.

Emotional Cheating Doesn’t Always Mean You’re Unhappy

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Emotional cheating doesn’t always mean you’re unhappy at home or with your current boyfriend and you have questions to whether what you are doing is wrong. Sometimes the special person you are emotional cheating with consumes your mind and fills your day with so much passion and life. You think you’re in love and maybe you are. These feelings you have grown from nothing into totally consuming every minute of your day. You are confused on what to do next and what you should or reveal. All the thoughts you’re playing around with are constantly running through your head. Do you abandon your current situation and try to live a life with the other man? Are you only feeling lust and excitement? These emotions can cloud you from thinking clearly about what you need to be doing. You don’t want this emotional cheating to ruin your life or theirs.

Emotional Cheating Doesn’t Have To Consume You

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We want to help sort through your problems and assist in guiding you on how to handle this situation. If you are feeling alone in all this and don’t have anyone to talk to about this in addition to offering our guide book we also have phone sessions available with the author. Emotional cheating doesn’t have to consume you. Get the answers you need to feel better and live productively. You owe it to yourself to be happy and find the answers. Don’t let a small issue become a big problem. Whether or not you’ve been caught, you have a lot riding on you. Your boyfriend or husband are also factors in this situation. Are you happy with them? How would he feel if he knew you were emotionally cheating? How would you feel if he was doing the same thing to you with another woman from work?

Allow us to help you with these questions. Our guide has helped so many and you too can find the peace you need if you want to.

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