Feeling Switch?

Feeling Switch?

Wanting More

She walks in and closes the door. He’s on his knees, legs spread apart and tied to the rings bolted to the floor. Her heel clique as she steps. The noise excites the blind folded man whose been waiting. He senses she’s close but he doesn’t know what to anticipate. He’s never been chained and used for his cock before. He’s nervous and eager, not knowing what will happen next. He knows she’s horny and wild for his cock. The clicking stops. She crouches down putting her finger firmly on the outside of his leg. “Ready,” she asks?

She flips her finger slowly, nail side down she drags her claw lightly up his thigh, avoiding his very erect boner. She grabs him by the hair forcing his head over to the side she bites down just enough to make his cock jump. She kisses him passionately licking neck to ear very slowly. His arms are chained to the floor hooks on either side of him. He’s left to her control. He want to take control, his cock hardens. For now he can only take what is given to him. His body begs for more. Her hands rub all over his body. She kisses his mouth and runs her fingers through his hair. He leans in trying to get his dick touched, he is so aroused by this hot woman all over his body. If it here up to him he’d be pounding her so hard right now.

Her Turn

She stands up in front of him. Poking her ass out, she rubs the slightest bit of her bum over his nose. His mind flashes to bending her over and fucking her crazy. She turns around wrapping her leg around his back putting his face perfectly against the lace of her panties. She grabs his head and rubs her covered pussy over his mouth. He sticks his tongue out to find her clit. Her panties pushed aside she continues to grind his face. She’s just as turns on getting her pussy juice all over his face. She puts her foot back down to the floor, grabs his face and licks her cum off of his face. “Fuck your nasty!” His cock high toward the ceiling.

The intensity is beyond anything he’s ever felt. She starts to work his scalp, down his neck and onto his torso. Grabbing his arm she massages his hand. Slipping one of his fingers deep inside her mouth. Sucking. She elaborately licks and sucks his finger as if she was going to work on his cock. Deep. The noise and sucking sensation cause a small convulsion in his bound body. His cock waiting, begging for release. Every second just feels better and more intense. She works her hand down to his inner thigh.


She gasps and moans as she sucks down hard forcing his finger down her throat, in that exact moment she grabs his cock with both her hand as she gags deep dreaming about sucking his cock. He feels her desire as his cock is finally touched. Her spit drips down his dick as she works is shaft base to tip. She kisses his mouth and she firmly strokes his hard cock. She leans down and kisses the base of his cock. Slowly she kisses toward the tip. Licking around it slowly, his body begs to be in her mouth.


She opens her mouth wide and swallows down his entire cock gagging and drooling on her way back up. “Fuck I’m going to cum already,” his whole cock was in her throat. He don’t know how much longer he can take but she doesn’t ease up. Sucking him down while working his cock with her hand. He moans deep and she sucks the fat load right from his body.

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He cums uncontrollably. Squirting his hot cum deep into her mouth. He pumps what’s let as she jams his thick cock in as deep as she can. “I’m done,” he begs. Drained. She sucks down as she pulls his cock from her mouth. His body shakes as she sucks out the tip. She unmasks him and kisses him on the cheek.


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