April Poll Panel Question:  Have You Ever Been Caught in Public?

April Poll Panel Question: Have You Ever Been Caught in Public?

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Licky Licky Tasty Facts About Oral Sex

Giving Good Head

The Girls & Boy Edition

The dictionary defines “Pleasing” as an adjective: satisfying or appealing.

Please as a verb: Cause to feel happy and satisfied. Give satisfaction. Take only one’s own wishes into consideration in deciding how to act or proceed. Wish or desire to do something.

According to a chart on psychcental.com it shows the data % of Americans performing certain sex behaviors in the past year for people asked ages 20-24:

Received Oral From a Women:

Male 63%

Female 9%

Received Oral From Men:

Male 6%

Female 70%

Gave Oral to Women:

Male 55%

Female 9%

Gave Oral to Men:

Male 7%


This chart seems to be showing that most hetro men are eating pussy  and hetro women are sucking dick. Girls eating out girls is pretty low and according to this chart it seems like male gay lovers are not getting or giving enough head… I wonder what the number would be if asked only in the LGBT community? I just have a hard time thinking so many people are going without oral. This year it’s still kind of early, Spring is here people. Let’s start getting our lovers off orally! America What The Fuck Are You Doing? 

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The Art of Pleasing

Pleasing Males- is typically thought of to be pretty easy. Everyone is different but what are some tricks that real guys love in the bedroom?

Chicago Male Write In: I love Spit and Dirty gag noises

Male Answer: I like the top of the head or the back of the helmet area licked over that ridge.

Maryland Man: When she puts the entire thing in her mouth it’s so hot. I love when she gags. 

Pleasing Females- women. It’s said to be harder for women to reach an orgasm… ok so put some work in. Let’s get these pussy cumming. Here are some of mine and my friends favorite pussy eating tips and tricks.

Elektra Shock- “okay well let’s try to be gentle to start. It’s a marathon not a race. No Hulk smash. Like you can get crazy when it’s time but there needs to be a build up.”

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Great Advice About Eating Pussy

Great advice from a straight man who wrote in about eating pussy – So are you an average guy who wants a hot woman who will be addicted to you? One simple trick make it about her, make sure that she climaxes at least 3 times as many times as you do.  The best way to do that Gentlemen…give her head…first, world class, give her head till she begs, moans, cums, begs for your cock and then give her head again till she cums one more time…then and only then proceed.   In my experience the best way to give head…start off slowly, use your tongue to explore, close your eyes and “read” her body with your tongue.  Every nook and cranny should be covered with your tongue, lick, suck and probe with your tongue.  Listen to her body, she will tell you what you are doing right, there is no magic formula, but basic tips include make sure to cover her outer lips with your mouth and slide your tongue through her slit until she is properly aroused. Make sure to pay attention to her clit, suck on it and if she is truly aroused, pull back the hood and run your tongue over it, then suck it into your mouth.  Again listen to your lover, the more she moans, the more she runs her hands through your hair, follow her lead…and whatever you do, make sure she cums…then tell her she is beautiful…and ask what she would like to do next.

Dominica VonTrapp- I love when a lover starts slow. I loved to be teased and kind of warmed up all over my body. A little bit of tease wanting more… not really edged. I love when guy love going down on me and are super into it. That is soo hot then when I do start to cum he pulls me in and makes it last and licks it up.

Did you miss out on submitting your answer? Comment Below! We would love to hear how you give head! Tell us what you like…. What makes you cum?

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