I cheated with his TWIN

I cheated with his TWIN

Things Got Insane

Yesterday I was invited to go out on the boat with my newer boyfriend’s brothers and sisters. We’ve been dating awhile it seemed like a good idea. A relaxing day on the water maybe have some wine…. No didn’t happen! OMG! Things got insane and now, I don’t know what to do

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It started pretty normal. We met up with our coolers and started loading the boat. I thought we were ready to go but then his last brother pulled up. Twin brother. Why wouldn’t he tell me he had a twin brother?!?!?!! Omg he was sexy! Like an even sexier version of my boyfriend. I felt a bit panicked and embarrassed. I’ve never been so instantly horny. I wondered if his cock was even better than his brothers. I wondered if it was bigger and then I thought of touching them both. 

I’m Drunk & Horny

I snapped back to reality. Now I’m so nervous. He won’t stop flirting with me and I know I’ve been smiling ear to ear. This family drinks too. I swear I had drink after drink. It was hot out and I was trying to relax. I think I started to get a little too buzzed. I’m a light weight. I’m such a flirt when I’m drunk. Everyone is having the best time ever. Talking and laughing. His brother won’t stay away from me. I swear his really starting to send out the vibes.  

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I go down inside the boat to make myself a snack and use the bathroom. He meets me in the kitchen giving me cheesy lines about how small it was in there and how hungry he was. I’m faced toward the counter as he passes behind me. He puts his hand on my waste and rubs into by back side with his package. I can feel he’s a big boy. He slides it across each cheek letting it poke the fabric of my bathing suit into my ass. “Oh I’m sorry he jokes,” giggling once he gets to the other side of me. 

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I can feel a rush in my body. My mind is on one thing. “Oh. It’s ok,” I say smiling, biting my lip. He’s been seducing me all night. I’ve got such a big buzz. I’m turned on and horny for my boyfriends extra hot twin brother. His big cock is so seductive. I don’t know how much longer I can take being a good girl. Yes such a bad boy and a bet is bigger and better than my boyfriend. He’s so aggressive and cocky. Good thing my bathing suit is on because my pussy is wet! 

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I finish making my plate. I turn to talk to him but then he’s right there in my face. Up against his body. He pulls my body closer to his and starts to kiss me. I’m weak. I know I’m giving in. I’m ready to be taken. Hours of anticipation, I’m ready to explode. He bends me over the counter. Slaps my ass then grinds his huge cock against my ass. I’m arched, ready to revive anything he’ll give me. I moan and grab him. I’m going to make him give it to me. 

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He slips his hand inside the back of my bathing suit. I’m slippery, dripping with desire. My heart is racing. I hope no one comes down the stairs. Once I get that cock I’m not letting him stop until he finishes what he’s started. He pulls his rock hard cock out of his pants, my panties to the side. I push back begging to be penetrated. He connects, pushing his cock through my lips, slipping it deep inside my pussy. I moan and my pussy clenches. Fuck his cock is good. I can feel my body rush. Cream drips down his balls. “I can feel that pussy want to cum,” he pounds harder. He’s not wrong. 



I moan quietly. It’s hard to keep it quiet. He’s got my leg pulled up fucking me from the back like an animal. The other hand is playing with my clit. He’s such a good fuck. He strokes that cock in and out harder and harder. I’m moaning like a little slut. He sticks his finger down my throat. I think of him fucking me and his twin brother, my boyfriend, sticking his cock down my throat at the same time AND I CUM!!!! Hard like such a dirty slut thinking about fucking these two hot brothers. He starts to choke me pounding hard into me cumming pussy he busts his nut. “You’re my slut now,” he says as he kisses me. 

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