I Found Out My Mom Cheated

I Found Out My Mom Cheated

I Am Beyond Angry

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I’m a 25 year old, single woman. My parents are still married and have always seemed near perfect my entire life. I’ve always loved the stories they would tell me of their young love and crazy adventures. I have never been married but my two sisters have. We all admire what our parents have between them. It’s been a nice romantic fairytale. They always made it seem so obtainable. I’m often jealous of them and their relationship and wonder when I will find my special guy. Just the other day I found out my mom cheated! It’s hard for me to even look at her after seeing how upset this made my dad. He really didn’t see any of this coming.

Mother Started Acting Strange

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Over the last year my mother has started acting kind of strange now that I think about it. She started taking tons of alone time. She got really motivated and started working out all the time. We were happy for her that she wanted to lose weight to be healthier. We didn’t want her to end up with health issues and the doctor was worried for her. Going to the gym just seemed healthy. At that point nobody really thought anything of it. As the weight came off she slowly became a totally new person. Shortly after the weird behavior change I found out my mom cheated.

My Dad Was Really Upset

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I remember my dad called my crying not knowing what to do. He was really upset and I could barely calm him down. I was worried about him so I went over to my parent’s house to see what was going on. When I got there my dad was sitting alone at the kitchen table just staring into space. It was early afternoon so it was odd that he wasn’t at work. I asked him what was wrong and he informed me that he came home early from work not feeling well and he found my mom in bed on top of another man. He was totally in shock. I found out my mom cheated but that didn’t set in at first because of what state I found my father in. He was really tore up about this.

Mom Started An Affair

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It soon came out that my mom started an affair with a man from her new work out group. They had partnered up in the class randomly. They built a bond during the session and started up meeting up for dates after class. She has lied to all of us and told us that she went out of town on business but was secretly with him for the weekend. All this info has really messed me up. I mentioned I was single but really that’s new for me. I pretty much pushed my boyfriend away trying to absorb this situation. I don’t understand what would make someone want to cheat. They have been together for so long. This really changed a lot of things for me. I almost view my entire life as a lie.

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