Imagine How Happy I Was! Massage Fantasy Fuck

Imagine How Happy I Was! Massage Fantasy Fuck

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Super Hot Thursday After Noon…

I love when he spoils me. We sneak away while he takes some secret time off. I wonder what he’s got planned for me today as I head over to the address he’s sent me. I don’t get to see my lover often but when I know I am I’m wet all day, thinking and wondering how we’re going to play. The thought consumes me as I start to rub over my leggings. The anticipation builds. I can already tell I’m warming up and ready to get things started. My leggings are wet.

I pull up to a beautiful massage spa. Immediately I’m smiling. I’m even more excited now! He has set us up a couple’s massage. I give him a big hug and kiss. He cups my ass and squeezes. I giggle and take his hand as we flirt on our way in. We get in and meet our masseuse. I look up, here to massage me is this dark chocolate, handsome as fuck, muscular man. I’m speechless for once in my life. This is the best day ever! They leave us alone as we undress. We stare at each other’s hot bodies. I take a mental picture. He’s so fucking hot and built. Waiting to touch him is killing me.  My pussy is throbbing for him.

A Little More

The masseuse enters the room. I try my best to relax. His hands feel great. I lie there as he spreads warm massage oil over my tense shoulders. He whispers in my ear, instructing me to relax. He rubs my entire upper body until I’m calm. He’s made his way to my upper thighs. I’m now the relaxed kind of horny. I could probably cum immediately, if he were to rub his cock on my pussy just one time. His hands massaged closer and closer. My body encouraged him to inch closer. Then, nearing the top of my inner thigh I felt this hand slide into the juice that was dripping down my leg. He spread his hand out. “Times up,” the other bitch ass massage therapist says softly. (LOL) I was pissed for a moment, but they quickly slipped out to give us some space to change.

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I’m charged the fuck up! My lovers body is so hot. I have been waiting to touch him for so long. He’s up, across the room while I’m still lying there. He walks over to me demanding I lie there. I open my mouth and stick my tongue out playfully asking for a taste. He shoves his instant hard-on deep into my now, flipped over, upside-down mouth. I gag him back. Licking and sucking him exactly how he likes. He stops and starts to get dressed in a rush to get home. “No babe,” I say, “get back over here.”

He walks back over as I bend my ass up, one leg on top of the table. I’ve always had a massage fantasy and he made it come true that day as he came up behind me and slipped his cock into my eager pussy. He played in my wetness as he fucked me hard, yet shallow, just tip, keeping the sound down. I was trying so hard to not moan with pleasure. I’ve waited so long. He’s giving me exactly what I need thrusting a bit harder. He can feel my pussy tighten with pleasure. He doesn’t ease up as he reaches his hands off my bouncing ass and around my neck. He’s got me bent back choking the fuck out of me and now fully pounding the fuck out of my pussy. Hands behind my arched back I start to cum on his cock. The euphoria sets in as my pussy cums all over his bare cock. He feels my body ease and flips me around. I jerk his cock, cumming all over my face I open my mouth licking it all up. We clean up fast and head out like all is normal…. To head make to the house so he can give me a shower….

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