Licking The Honey Pot

Licking The Honey Pot

I push him deeper to lick the spot.

Get on your knees and worship. I walk slowly up to my subject. I push into his face to give him a smell. He’s instantly excited. I put my leg around his back and tell him to lick. I cradle his head as he licks my lips. I push him deeper to lick the spot. “MMmmmm,” I moan, “Yes baby, lick it for me.” I stand straddled over his face. He licks up my dripping honey pot that stands above his face. I sit down on him smothering his entire face, restricting his breathing. He continues to eat it up. Going as hard, long and deep as he can before he fights backwards for air. I grab his head and shove him back into the tight spot that’s making me shiver. He licks me so good. I don’t know how much longer I can stand. I love the way her sucks on my pussy and licks my clit. The feeling is powerful, and chills soar through my body. I love the way he feels. He makes me feel so good. I pull his face away. My body edges. Lust is in my as I look down. He’s covered in my juices and his cock is hard. “I want to feel you inside me.”

He's So Good

He pulls me over to the bed and lays me on my back. Opens my legs and goes in for more. Licking and sucking me closer and closer to cumming. I need to cum. My body to submits to his decisions. He knows my body and how to make me lose control. I want to cum so bad. I’m squirming and moaning, and he eats my pussy out so good. It’s going to happen, I’m so close I’m breathing hard and my body is tense. I’m so close. He’s so good. Just then he pulls back and rises on top of me. I’m under his weight, chest to chest, he rubs his cock over my wet slippery pussy. I’m on edge. My pussy begs to be filled. He presses the thick tip in and slides his long cock all the way through my body. I’m full. His cock is huge, and I am very tiny. It looks amazing splitting my pussy open and the feeling is even better. My body convulses. It’s perfect. I lie there as he slides his cock in and out all the way. I can feel him enjoy my tight pussy. His cock is throbbing. I know how much eating my pussy turns him on. He isn’t going to last long. My pussy can feel him about to explode. He’s rock hard when I beg, “daddy please give me your cum.” He pumps it in harder and harder. My pussy is so tight around his big cock. He pulls it out shooting his ropes all up my body and onto my chest. I’m so turned on I’m about to lose it. I love being covered in his cum.

He drops fast between my legs not skipping a beat lick and sucking my clit. I’m moaning out of control wiggling closer and closer into his face. He slips his fingers in and fucks my hole as he licks my clit. I run his cum over my big titties, pinching my nipples. My thighs apart he licks up my ass and back over my clit. “Make me cum. I’m so close.” I can’t take it any more my pussy is going to cum any second. My legs spread and my body tenses. My thighs shake as the excitement builds and I head over the edge. I cry out my body releases with ease. Cum drips out of my pussy as he makes me orgasm wetting the bed. “Ahhh, Ahh, Ahh,” I moan as my body continues to release cum. I shiver. My body spent. I’m so happy and so please I could just fall asleep and before I know it. I am. Curled up in his arms I’m completely drained. I’m so happy and relaxed…. That’s how you spend a quarantined afternoon in.

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