Which Inspires You More Love or Hate

Which Inspires You More Love or Hate

Love Wins 59%
Hate to be great 41%

Love or Hate? See what fans are saying!

The results are in every month slutlife.com asks a question to fans and performers. Thousands of people are asked. Hundreds have responded and the top of the top answers have been submitted. Each month the question is asked on the first Tueday of the month. The answers are collected all month and then are complied here in the poll panel blog and posted on the last Tuesday or Wednesday of the month. Here you go!!! Let’s see what’s been said?!?

Love Takes the CAKE

So the facts are in more people did write Love when asked what motivates them more. However hate was more elaborated on when asked to explain. It was a close call. You determine for yourself. Which is inspiring? Love or Hate.

The Fans Have Spoken

Love is a powerful feeling that can make you do anything

Love motivates me more, hate is dwelling on the past and keeps you stuck in a rut. love is looking forward positively for a better future for yourself, your significant other, your child or even your business or anything you’re passionate about.
For example if you “hate your job” every day and complain about Mondays etc.. you probably aren’t growing.
Or if you find yourself dwelling on hating someone from a past relationship you probably won’t be successful in your new / next one. Just my quick outlook.

Depending on the situation. But hate usually powers me more to do things

When people hate me or talk shit i love proving them wrong.

When it’s love we take it for granted but hate drives us to get even at all costs -jojo

Love Shows your weakness to others

Love makes me into a slave and I like it

Hate makes me want to prove them so wrong.

Love motivates to show more and to give back all I get. It fills me and motivate me.

Positive reinforcement ends with more beneficial results – Yehoshuadavid on Snapchat

Hate – Because I’m a spiteful motherfucker

Hate cause I proving haters wrong is very rewarding

Love motivates me more. I fear if I allow hate to control me I may disappoint the Lord.– KEN KASTLEWOOD

Love because it’s more long term.

Love– We need love

Hate does,  I live off one concept which is “Prove them wrong”

Love does more, because it’s a benefit for all, and better for the soul than hate -Amad E

Tough question, but I’d have to say Hate and the want to prove people wrong. Although this may be by default because short of the love I have for family, I don’t know what real Love is. -Peter C.

Love because it takes too much energy to hate. Also life is too short to hold a grudge.

I think being a redhead, hate gets me fired up and makes me want to do anything I can to defeat the other party. I’ve never felt as motivated by love before -trav

Hate – easier for me to let out my anger & frustration, then express love/feelings –slutlife.xxx @Liketolook3

love– @sir_latexman

Love is so cool

I’ve really gone back and forth on which I feel motivates me more. I have had hate propel me forward probably more than anything though to be honest. That is being said from actual experience. I have often thought love would be more motivating because that’s how I’d like things to work. Maybe I’ve never found that kind of love? While being motivated by love you have another person you’re trying to sometimes carry or you look to them for assurance, they often don’t give the person using their motivation enough validation making that person want to stop or give up. When you’re motivated by hate you don’t really have that other person getting in your way so you can actually accomplish the goal you were motivated to do. That makes hate more productive. Accomplishing something full circle feels more rewarding. Giving up feels sucky and feeling like someone who loves you isn’t pleased by your motivation is also sucky. Love kind of makes you lazy. Less motivated. You have want you want in a sense. Usually I am most triggered/ motivated by people I have been in love with. But it’s not motivation because of the love I feel for them, it’s more of a result of “loved ones” fucking me over or not believing in me. Weird kinda sad fucked up answer, I guess. I think the thought of being able to share my accomplishments with the ones I love is also a huuuuge motivation for me. I always want to be better to help my friends and family. I like the results of accomplishments because they lead to more fun experiences with people I love. I enjoy people more that things. Unfortunately though, I think I am most motivated and accomplished from hate… maybe self-love is sometimes disguised as hate. I do it all at the end of the day because I love myself enough to make the changes that lead to bettering myself. That’s how I like to think of it.  -Dominica VonTrapp @yourroyalpimpstress on instagram | slutlife.com owener 

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