My Husband Wants Me To Cheat

My Husband Wants Me To Cheat

My Husband Wants Me To Cheat

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I feel like I have a kind of unique situation. My husband wants me to cheat. I have only been with my husband sexually. This has never bothered me. I have thought that other men were attractive but only in passing. I can’t believe my husband wants me to cheat. It turns him on thinking about other men being with me. I’m starting to feel bad about cheating the more I open up to this idea.

Is It Cheating If My Husband Wants Me To Cheat

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We have a great sex life. We have been together since I was 18 years old. I’ve only known him in that regards and he wasn’t too experienced sexually when we first started dating. He has never actually watched me or another girl have sex with another man. He tells me it’s flattering and turns him on when other men find me attractive. That it makes him want me more. Something instinctual happens and it makes him want me more and perform harder/better. My husband wants me to cheat really bad, he slowly started bringing it up months ago. He would compliment me and make me feel really special after another man would give me a little extra attention. It was actually really nice to feel so desirable. He started buying me more revealing clothing than normal and started asking me to more elaborate evenings out on our weekends off.  He’s being honest and so far I’m loving all the special treatment.

The Mental Struggle

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Mentally I am struggling a little bit, my husband wants me to cheat but I feel wrong about it. It’s not natural for me to seek out other men. I’m used to only making love to the man that I am in love with. I don’t want him to lose interest. He has given me some rules/ parameters he would like me to stay in. He doesn’t want me to fall in love with another man. I feel like I am emotionally cheating as I am trying to make something physically work for us. I am enjoying finding the right fit for this fun play time. I’m starting to get really into it. I love my husband so much. I just want to make him happy. This is making me feel good as well. My husband wants me to cheat but what if once I have done it he changes his mind and gets mad. I don’t think I could handle him cheating on me. I’m trying to work through my feelings. I have all the normal feelings cheating brings on and that part isn’t cool. I’m not a cheater and by nature this isn’t my norm.

Feeling Like I’ve Done Something Wrong

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I wake up every day feeling like I’ve done something wrong. I have not yet cheated but I am starting to open up about letting new men seduce me. I have been wearing the provocative clothing and it definitely brings the attention. I know as soon as I give a man the go the line will be crossed. I think I want to do more research on cheating and go through a few mentor sessions to sort my thoughts before I pull the trigger. I’m happy I found this site. I will keep you posted on my experience. I think being truthful and open is helping even though I’m opening up to strangers.





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