Naughty Librarian

Naughty Librarian

"Online Reading"

I’ve had way too much downtime this winter. Work is slow and it’s so cold outside. I think everyone’s stocked up or turned to the new norm, “online reading.” About a month ago I got my hands on a weird book. I was really surprised that we even had it in the high school library. Someone returned I really naughty read I just so happened to get my hands on. Then the next week my online reader recommended an even steamier book, I had to nibble. The more I read the more I need. These books are hot stories that I find really, really turn me on. I find myself horny now… all day. I start looking online and find more to read. These stories are hot. It’s been so long since I’ve fucked. Day in and out of this library is so boring. I’ve had time to read almost full book per shift. I’ve always been too nervous to approach guys and I don’t really stand out so no one notices me. I’m not bad looking and I have a great body under these casual work clothes. I find myself fantasizing these entire naughty scenes. They play so real in my mind. I decide to write them down on my laptop. I need to get this out this energy. I feel funny touching myself if my room mate is home, which is like all the time.


These women in the stories are so brave. They take men and their cum. As many as they want. I feel too dirty to even think this way. My panties are wet. My face turns red and I leave room to be alone. I pull my pad of paper out to write. My “stories” mostly consist of the date and a few silly sentences. I’m too nervous to think these thoughts. There is no way I could write them. What if someone found that kind of thing. What would they think of me. I put the pen and paper back down and start to run a shower. I need some alone time to think to myself. My bodies hot and I want to see how far my imagination will take me. My skin is sensitive as my mind continues to rush. I hope into the warm shower. I relax as the water washes down my body. My mind wonders to my favorite parts of each story. I let go. There, alone in my shower I let my mind wander further than I’ve ever allowed myself to go. I came for the first time in over a year. I feel completely different. Thinking of these things over the last few months has made it hard for me. The more I read the more I play. The more I play the more I want the real thing.

Practicing bigger and bigger until I’m good enough to fuck him.

My favorite character has her hands on everyone. She gets fucked all day in the hottest situations by all kinds of men. Each one I swear is hotter and hotter. They’re hung! I’ve never thought so much about cock before. I’ve only had one my whole life and sex with him was never this good. The way my mind races and the way I touch myself is making my hungry for experience. I obsess over finding the right cock. Practicing bigger and bigger until I’m good enough to fuck him. I imagine myself like her, a perfect sex goddess. Seduction around every curve. She lives off cock and the rush of their cum. I imagine the characters she’s fucked. I notice I’m tapping my pencil and biting my nails. I’m fiending today. I read my favorite stories over last night and told myself NO! I haven’t touched. My hours at the library have been busier. Parent teacher conferences. I’m not a teacher but assisting in the library gets so crazy busy. I need to get my head ready we have all the parents coming after school today and gathering in one of the book rooms.

It’s hard to work. I can’t believe I’m this distracted by my fantasies. I’m a shy girl that likes to read. I’ve only been with one guy. Now I’ve been touching myself in my bed at night. I’m addicted to cumming and feeling deprived. I’m walking around the library with wetness between my legs. It’s slipper and cool in my panties. I’m so distracted. I try to focus on my job and clear out the book room. It’s nearly empty. I’ve been running around and now I’m waiting on help to move the table across the room. I can’t stand one minute with out my pussy welling up with excitement. I start to smirk. I feel naughty. I need to cut it out. A young sub enters the room. “Hey, I’m here to help. Ready to get this table moved?” He’s sexy. Oh my god. Who is this new guy. He’s looking at me interested. I know what was all over my face when he walked in. My horny mind snapped. I don’t know what took over.

I started to flirt. He was digging it. Flirting back in fact even harder than me. I need him to take me on this desk. My nasty mind flashes. I freeze for a second. He sees me frozen and stares at me devilishly. I put my hand on the table and look over sideways at him. I bend down, facing him. My feet raise to their toes. I say nothing, asking for him. He pulls up right away and rubs my hair into his hand and then rubs down my body and over my ass. He pulls my dress up. I perk my ass up even higher. ‘What am I doing I think,’ as I rub my ass into him. He drops down. Pulls my panties to the side and licks over my full pussy. I moan, ahhhhhhh. I know I want him to take me now. I need it so bad. He stands up, pulls his pants down. His cock flops down on top of my ass. My eye bulge. It’s so heavy. What am I doing? I feel him rub it up and down over my wet pussy. I can’t wait. I back into his big cock forcing him to penetrate me. He’s big and stretches me open. I moan out loud. He doesn’t hold back. He pumps that big cock in and out of me. The thrill gets me off fast. My body instantly starts shaking. I start to cum. He’s stroking that huge cock in and out of me, filling my mind and pussy with the wildest desires. “Cum inside me,” I beg! He loses it. Cumming instantly inside me. Fuck its hot feeling him unload. We move the table and don’t say another word. I freak out a bit and giggle as I finish the regular parts of my day. Fuck I’m horny. I giggle, a bit impressed with myself.

I thought I’d feel bad. I thought I my horny desires would subside. I just took and enormous random cock at work. The more I thought about the details of him fucking me against the table. The more I thought about it the hornier I became. The bell rings. Part one of the day is down. Again, my mind is wandering. I’m thinking about more. I’m thinking about the rush I got from saying nothing and getting exactly what I needed. I need it again. I think about my stories and how wild my favorite female character is. In one story she convinces her two male co workers to fuck her on a work trip. I imagine her pleasure when she took both their cocks. I feel it when I think about it. Hot sensation tingles between my legs. “Wow,” I say out loud. Damn I really can’t keep my mind out of the gutter. How did I become so addicted? My orgasms are insane these days. I can’t get the feeling out of my mind and out of my panties. They’re wet again. Anything that’s not touching myself is torture at this point.


I clean out more rooms that are normally taken during the day. After the conferences they need me to rearrange the library to be ready for school in the morning. The second half of the day goes by fast. It’s mindless and lonely… so I’m able to continue getting away with thinking my naughty little girl thoughts. Hours pass and I’m almost done with the cleanup. I’m ready to go home and take my nightly show. Earlier today still has me worked up. The real experience of a new mans cock has my head spinning. I tingle thinking about him cumming inside me. I head down the empty hall to grab some items that go back into the library. I’m kind of freaked out the school is nearly empty. Maybe a person or two in the entire place. I start smelling pot. How weird. I can’t figure out where it’s coming from. I swear all the young teachers smoke it now. Whatever. I continue toward the room I’m getting the table from. I step in and see two dads sitting at a table, smoking pot. “What are you doing?” It scared me a little but they seemed harmless. ‘We’re just living out old memories of going to school here. Sorry we’ll put it out. We thought it was pretty cleared out by now. Old high school friends just messing around.’ They’re cute. They look fun. Definitely DILFs. “Don’t worry about it but you guys should probably wrap it up.” They giggle. I guess that’s funny. I smirk realizing they’re high and being immature. These dads are hot. They’re smoking pot in a high school. Obviously, we have secrets together. I start to get a little horny. “I want a hit,” I say revealing a much friendlier smile. ‘I wanna hit,’ the other one mocks. I slide between them seductively. “Share with me,” I take the joint from the hotter dad. I start to puff the joint down. I’ve never smoked. I feel good and even hornier. I want them both now. How hot would that be. Both of their hands all over my body. I don’t wonder for long. I bit my lip and take the one dad’s hand and put it over my breast. I look back at them both and sit back on the other dad’s lap.

They look kind of nervous but no one’s leaving. My stories are in my head and so far the more I’ve came the more I need to cum. I’ve already had cock today. My pussy excites. I need it now. I press my ass into the daddy and lean in for a long kiss from the other man. I’m hot and my blood is on fire. I can feel the cock harden beneath me. I grab it and with the other hand I grab the hot one’s ass. I continue kissing and grinding. Both men hard and on board. I can’t stop moaning. I wonder what’s going to happen next. My panties are soaked and my pussy is throbbing. God damn I’m such a whore. I need cock now so bad. They’re both hung and hard I can feel it. I’m grabbing them both, two cocks hard behind they’re pants. My slutty little pussy is so turned on. They’re both so sexy. Dilf one takes his cock out and pulls my head down so my mouth is over his cock. I never sucked cock before. He chokes me out and the feeling is thrilling. I grind into the other guy hoping he takes my panties down. Just as I fantasize it he’s pulled my panties down and rubbing his cock along my wet pussy. His friend lets me up for air and the super-hot dilf starts to fuck me. His cock is big, and my pussy is full, again, for the second time today. I lean down and start to suck the other cock. I love the feeling of both of these cocks inside me. Both ends I’m getting fucked like a little slut. I’m at work taking three cocks a day.


I can’t get enough. These guys are hot. They pull out and I’m down between them stroking both their cocks. “Do you think they could both fit?” I look at their cocks and then up at them. I know they’re both ready to feel my pussy. Deep down I haven’t been able to get this fantasy off my mind for the last month. I’m jealous of the girl from my stories. She loved both the cocks. She obsesses over it and now, so do I. The look at each other and the one lays back on the table, legs hanging down. I haven’t fucked this one yet. I hop on the table and start riding his dick. He’s even bigger than this morning. I’m in love with cock now. I can’t get enough. I’m stretch as it is but I totally want more. I lay on big dilfs chest, cock inside, begging for the other cock to enter me. He pulls up. It’s a tight fit, it wont go in. “Fuck me baby, fuck me hard with your cock too,” I beg like a little slut. He stands up and lines up, pushing in hard, he stretches me out. “FUCK,” I yell feeling my pussy take in another big cock. The feeling is insane. I’m stretched and full. I nearly cum upon his entry. I’m yelling and can barely put sentences together. These cocks are driving me crazy. I’ve never felt so much pleasure. “I’m going to cum. Fuck my slutty pussy with both your big cocks!” My pussy cums hard. I’m screaming uncontrollably. They keep fucking and the feeling does not subside.

Two big cocks are intense. I love these cocks so much. Both inside my pussy. Fucking inside my nut filled cunt. I’m feeling good. My nipples are hard. I lie in place as they fuck harder and harder. “Oh yeah, I’m going to cum again,” My pussy is in heaven. I start to cum again. I can feel the daddy standing start to cum. I freak out and cum again harder. My pussy is open for cum. I need it so bad. The nasty thought of being filled with so many cocks and cum is enough to get my off. I can’t stop cumming as he pulls out. Big dick dilf commands me to flip over. I hope off and bed over the table. He bends me over the table and sticks his cock back inside me from behind. He really rails my pussy out. Grabbing my hair and slapping my ass. He loves this slutty little pussy. I can feel him harden. The cock gets extra hard and makes my body start to cum again. “I’m cumming,” he fucks harder and harder cumming inside my pussy.


My head is spinning. I feel like I woke up drowsy from a great dream. I instantly go back to being my typical shy self. I suggest they leave embarrassed of myself. My nipples are hard and I’m very turned on. I want them to leave so I rush them out. I can hear them pumped up in the hall. I’ve got a big smile on my face. My pussy is sore and full of cum. I can’t stop smiling. I can’t wait to go home and play thinking about my wild day.

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