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Are you sick of not feeling great about working? Or finding it hard to move up where you are? You’re in luck! is now hiring 5 new sales associates. Do you love social interaction, a quick work pace and rewarding paychecks? Than this is the job for you. Sales experience is preferred but is not mandatory. Become involved with the hottest models, places and faces of the adult industry.  Get paid doing everyone’s dream job. The first step is simple. Apply now by sending your Sales and/ or Advertising resumes to We are currently looking to hire only 5 new sales associates.

Is this for you? You might be asking yourself if you qualify. Do you work hard? Do you have a charming personality. Do you do great with sales at your current job? These are all great places to start. This is the adult industry. The pace is fast and the memories last. Become apart of the new wave of what everyone is seeing and reading online. Help determine the best in the industry. Who’s out and who’s in. This computer based job is open to all people over the age of 21. For individuals already owning a well working computer and cell phone. That’s it. Must be in the United States. Apply Now


Skills Needed tell all

The industry's Top leaders


Nothing happens when you're life isn't put into action. Join our creative sales force now! Our work culture is built from a strong mix of dedicated individuals who love to succeed.


Sales Arousal. This is the adult industry. You already know sex sells. Help peak our clients target audience with a full helping of product and brand arousal.


Do you have patience? It's important to hear out each clients needs in order to deliver the best possible plan for them as an individual business. Build your success around the success of others.


There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Find your feet on a new and exciting path full of opening doors. All you have to do is knock. Not scared of a few people telling you NO? Apply Now


Smiling is often key to sparking new relationships that lead to new sales. Welcome the world with a SMILE! We smile because we are happy. Join us now to see whats going on in the Adult Entertainment Industry.

Cool Cats

This is a fast pace industry. Are you calm under pressure? Excited by more than the average Joe? We are looking for someone like you. Send your resume now to now

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