Pegged: The office part II

Pegged: The office part II

• He’s Ready•

The work day passes and I’m off to the hotel. A few hours later I get a ping to my email. It’s him. He’s written his nasty little fantasies and thanked me for a job well done in the office this week. He’s impressed and more delighted than he planned, of course. He continues that he’s ready to be dominated by the woman everyone wants. He’d do anything for me and that he’s eternally my slave. He’s been waiting to feel this way his entire life. He’s has some experience with domination but he’s never felt such a connection strong enough to share his nastiest desires. As I read the email I realize his fantasies will make for a very fun day. Pleasure from pain is my speciality. Relieving the tortured soul is my gift, and this man is demented. Everything I need will be supplied and I will wake up to more gifts.  I put on some silk pajamas and fall perfectly to sleep.

The next morning there is a ring at the door. It’s the bellmen with my things. The delivery consists of a beautiful new pencil skirt and blouse, shiny nude panty hose. No panties, a bra and another new pair of Christian Louboutin DEGRASTRASS 100 COURTISANE PVC shoes. There is a large Chanel brief case full of everything I will need to punish this nasty little sub. The pressure is immense. He’s the most needed man in the office. Having this much undisturbed time to fool around is so risky. My blood is rushing today. I look inside the bag and start to map out my plan as I finish getting ready. Before you know it I’m in the office and through the first part of my day. 

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It’s time.

I grab my briefcase and make for the office. I knock on the door and enter as usual, patiently waiting until I’m given the “ok” to enter. Everyone’s always watching. Every desk is pointed toward this door. He’s taking his time. Everyone knows where I am going and who I’ll be with but no one knows how badly their boss needs to be punished… or maybe they do. 

Immediately I take over

“Get on the floor,” I say in a stern soft voice. He obeys right away making his way slowly to the floor in his expensive suit. I pace around him checking him out. I stop at his rear. “You think you can get away with walking around here like a little slut.” I kick him with my heel. He says nothing. I walk around around front and drop my back near the side of his face. “Clean my feet you disgusting sissy,” I demand. He leans down kissing and licking my shoes. “Now the bottoms, clean them up.” He licks the soles of my red bottoms until I’m happy. “Take them off and smell my feet,” I lift my foot so he can remove my shoe, “Now sniff.” Each shoe is placed to the side, it’s important my feet are clean. He kisses and licks my heels, aches and toes. He sucks each little toe clean. “Now open your mouth,” I say and his jaw drops. “You think I want to hear complaints about your screaming? I don’t, open that mouth wider!” I try to jam my foot in. I pull back and stand in front of him backwards. I pull my skirt up and my stockings down. Teasing his face with my big, perfect ass. I slowly slide the stockings off each leg. I turn around and ball them up in my hand, the pussy part of the stockings turned outward. I reach down for the bandage tape in my bag, “open that fucking mouth wider,” I say as I stuff my dirty stockings into his mouth. “There you little bitch we don’t wanna hear a peep out of you.” I make sure the full pair is in his mouth then I start to pull the tape out to wrap around his head. I wrap and wrap and wrap. His mouth is fully covered. “Perfect, stand up and strip for me. You better be wearing that sissy little outfit I told you to wear.” The normally big and powerful man began to remove his clothes layer by layer. Underneath his overpriced business suit he has been wearing a ladies pink, crotch less body stocking, women’s panties and a bra. “You look like a slutty little bitch. I see you walking around here flashing everyone looks, just begging for it.” I pull a whip out of my bag, “hands on the desk,” I kick his legs apart then reach back in the bag. I pull out a pair of large women’s high heels, “put these on you little sissy. I want you to look pretty for me you nasty little slut.” I throw down the shoes and he puts them on. “Bend over bitch,” I start to whip him hard. “You’ve been a bad little slut haven’t you? I spank again then pull back. 

He’s bent over the desk. Wearing high heels, a bra, a body stocking and panties. His mouth is taped tight so no one will hear his screams. His moans. I take his suit tie and use it to blind him. I take out a pair of handcuffs. I put the cuffs through a desk drawer pinning him bent down to the desk.  I pace behind him, heels clicking slowly on the floor. I take my hands and rub up and down his thighs as if he were as desirable as I am. “You’re a naughty little slut aren’t you,” I reach down and pull out a strap on, “look you’re getting me hard.” I’m such a brat. I get into my harness. It looks so sexy. My ass looks so perfect as I attach the enormous black dildo. I’m a very strong and powerful woman. This man is weak and jealous of all the eyes I catch throughout the day. I want to show him what it’s like to get fucked like the little sissy slut that he is. 

I can hear his volatile breathing. I can hear the concern. The conflict. I can hear him begging to be used. I put on my rubber gloves slowly. Pacing behind him clicking my heels. I push his head down onto the cold desk. I loudly squirt lube into my hand and squish it between my fingers then bring my hand to his ass crack and lube that bitch up. “You’re mine,” I say stern and cold. He knows what’s coming next. I rub the 10 inch black cock along his ass Crack working the lube over the shaft and over his hole. Awfully brave request for a first timer. I’m huge and ready to fuck the slut out of this little sissy. 

“Bend over and arch your back. I see the way you’ve been looking at me all week,” I line up when he acts pretty. “There you go babe. You know you want it more than I do you horny little slut.” I spank his ass and start to press the tip in. His moans are muffled from the panty gag.  It’s the pain that brings pleasure. I can read his yearning body that he requires more. His cock is stiff and his body is stuck in shock. Ass pushed out begging for more. I dig my claws into his side as I start to fuck in and out. He’s moaning like a bitch. I can tell he’s enjoying the pleasure of being stretched and filled. All little sluts do. I pull it out. His head swings back desperate for more. I walk away slowly to the front of the desk and free him from the desk.

Mmmmmmmm Yummy Yummy

“Crawl on the ground bitch,” I demand before considering finishing the deed. “I want to see you crawl across this floor if you want me to let you finish.” There in the most expensive office in London with one of the richest men in the country, I’m seeing him crawl and begged from the floor. Mouth taped the mumbles were pathetic. “Sit pretty bitch.” The man rose to his knees. Paws up like a pretty bitch. “Now roll over.” He does what I say. “Good, good,” I say heels clicking on the floor. “Now get on all fours and stick that ass up it’s time I finish you!” 

“Face down, ass up.” I walk around him staring down. “Spread that ass for me,” I demand as I crouch down to line up. He puts his face on the cold floor and reaches back to spread that slutty, filthy fucking ass open for me. I stick my big strapped on cock back into his slutty tight ass and pump. “Keep it open. No touching that tiny little cock. I’m gonna pound this ass until you cum then I’m gonna make you lick it up.” The powerless man moans with pleasure. I can sense he’s near the edge. “You wanna cum for daddy you little bitch,” I fuck harder, “let me hear you beg.” Unclear noises of need, pain and pleasure whimper from the man on the floor. He wants more he wants to cum. “Beg your mistress.” He whines louder tensing up. “Cum on this big cock,” I shove it deep. His cock start so rock. Cum shoots out over the floor, “hold it open,” I continue to fuck him until the last drip drops. 

He’s shaking and panting. Still lying there on the floor. Hands on his ass and face on the floor. I step beside him, lean down  and say, “take off your gag.” He sits up slowly. He gains a bit of composure then starts to free himself from the taped, pantyhose gag. He unwraps his face layer by layer. The tape is off and the stocking start to pop out. “Pull them out and put them on,” I demand stomping my heel. He unballs the shiny pantyhose and stares at them nervous. “Strip down and put them on NOW!” I get loud. How humiliating to be scolded with everyone potentially hearing me. He’s reluctant to take off his crotchless body stocking. “Awww do you feel like a pretty little slut? Take it off!” He hurries to get that outfit off and the new pantyhose on. “Get your fat ass In there. The stockings go up slowly. Ripping in almost every place they can. He stands there awkwardly. “Now lick you your nasty load off this filthy fucking floor you dirty little slut!” 

He bends down on his hands and knees and licks his cum off the dirty cold floor. “Mmmmmmm yummy yummy,” I pace behind him, “now thank your mistress and put your clothes on over your new panties sissy boy.” I pack my things and adjust my look back to a “proper” looking business woman. “I’ll see ya around.” I walk out of the office, into the elevator then into my limo. Back to the states a whole lot richer. 

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