Poll Panel: Have you ever had a SAME SEX Hookup?

Poll Panel: Have you ever had a SAME SEX Hookup?

The Community Has Spoken!

Poll Panel: Have you ever had a same sex hook up?


This month’s poll panel is everyday for some and yet an extremely taboo other. Having a same sex hook up for otherwise “straight” individuals is a naughty little secret held by many people. Of all our poll panel questions so far asked this one was like pulling teeth to really get some to divulge. Many short answers of “everyday” by several gay fans and many crickets and weird faces by other fans. It has been very interesting though because those who did answer, those people, OMG their answers are wild!!!! Here is what our community has written in this month:


I’m known as a straight man. I don’t have a relationship right now, but I have only always had girlfriends. One summer when I was about to go off to college, I went on a fun vacation with some of my high school friends. Last hoorah. We were all drunk and hanging out around a fire when one of my buddies asked me to help get him some firewood. We walked back over to the cabin and I don’t know what happened. All the sudden he and I were making out, hard and grabbing each other’s cocks. This was all new to me I’ve never touched or thought about a dude like this. Next thing you know I’m pounding his ass hard. Neither of us lasted long. The feeling was amazing. I was drunk, outside and fucking my friend in the ass. I came so hard. He came so hard too. It was wild. We gathered the wood and acted like nothing happened. We never talked about it. He’s openly gay now and I still like women, but I thought it was hot and I’m glad I tried it. I’m also glad he’s kept it a secret for ten years now.

Guy from MI


My same sex hook up was with a girlfriend in high school. We both were virgins but both very horny. She had a boyfriend and was nervous to have sex with him. I wasn’t with anyone, but I was a horny teenager. Nothing too out of the ordinary. I was just having one of my best friends over for a sleep over when things started to heat up. We were just hanging out in my bed chatting. Next thing you know we are kind of talking about sex with my boyfriend and sex just in general. At that young age we were both just very curious. We ended up kissing and making out then we both went down on each other. It was hot. I have had a boy go down on me before, but she never had. I guess we were kind of practicing being sexual. It was hot. We both came really hard.

Janet from WA


One time I was hanging out with my friend and his wife. We had a few drinks. Next thing you know he wanted me to fuck her. She was all over me and it seemed like he really didn’t care. I was hard so I decided I to start fucking her. Then she wanted us both. I was so turned on at how hot and slutty she was that I didn’t really think about it, but my dick was defiantly all over his rubbing in and out of her pussy. It wasn’t with just a guy alone and were fucking a girl but she convinced us to make out while we were both inside her. It didn’t bother me. Fucking her felt good, his dick rubbing against mine inside her was actually a really good feeling. He came first so that made her even more wet and made me cum hard. I think that counts.

Man from NYC


Years before I knew I was fully gay I was still sleeping with women. One night I was out with a bunch of friends at a bar. We got really drunk and were hanging out. I decided to stay a little longer. I ended up meeting this guy and he was really laying it on hard. Grabbing my cock and pretty much begging for it. We went into the bathroom and he blew me. I came so hard. I didn’t do anything to him. He just wanted to get a straight guy off… I didn’t end up staying “straight” for too much longer. I knew I was always attracted to men. That was my first same sex encounter. I never hooked up with him again. I went on a few more dates with women. Then I started to hook up with only men. Now I only like men. Women are hot but the feeling of fucking around with men is the only thing that really does it for me now.

NJ gay boy


When I was in college, I was a bit of a wild child. I am only attracted to men, but I needed some money and this guy offered me $450 to hook up with any girl I picked. So, I asked one of my best friends. She and I ended up kissing, going down on each other and playing with a vibrator on each other so this guy could watch. He just jerked off as he watched us girls play with each other. It was really hot!

Secret Slut


I’m in the military. I think this happens a lot. During basic training. I was surrounded by mostly men and there are not too many good-looking women. I’m always horny. I was sick of jerking off. I don’t really know how it started other than drinking but me and another guy started blowing each other on the low. Then we started fucking. We both like women but it was nice to fuck and get that nut out.

Military Man


Have you ever had a same sex hook up and want to share? Comment below about your hot same sex hook up.

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