Punished Bad Boy

Punished Bad Boy

“Get on the table and shut the fuck up,” my heart races as my mistress demands me onto my back. I get on top of the warm massage table in silence. Immediately she takes plastic wrap and straps the top of my head down to the table, my body naked, out just lying there. She grabs my cheeks, “Have you been a bad boy?” She turns her head to the side asking like she knows. “I’m here to punish you,” my body is still but my heart is racing. She slides her finger from my cheek to inside my mouth making me suck her finger. “Can you taste my ass?” she laughs. “You can’t yet, but you will. It’s been a while. I know you can’t resist seeing me. I know  how weak I make you.” She pulls me by my cheek and leans over spitting extremely slow into my open mouth. My head is strapped down, my mouth pulled open by her finger. My cock is already throbbing in the air.


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“Did I say you could get hard? You horny little fuck? She slaps my boner with the back of her hand. “No, no I didn’t.” I can hear her high heels clicking across the floor. I can only look up; my head is secured tightly to the table. I can hear the wrap unwind. My cock is throbbing hard. She drops the roll on my stomach starts to fasten it down to the table. She walks down to my legs, scratching them with her claws. “Wait ‘til I’m done with you,” she smirks over the top of me where I can see her beautiful face for a moment. She continues to take her time wrapping me from the thighs down with plastic wrap. I’m unable to move much, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. My arms and chest are free. My boner is still standing rock hard in the air, untouched by my mistress or the plastic wrap. The air is cooler over my unwrapped parts. All I can think out is my untouched cock throbbing in pain.

She takes my hand and runs it over her leather covered body, breast to hip. My heart quickens. My cock is in torment. ‘Fuck she’s hot,’ I think to myself. SMACK! She whacks me across the face, “did I tell you that you could touch me bitch?” My cock is freaking out. I need her now. I tense to flex from my position. To free myself and indulge in my mistress. The wrap tightens and I’m unable to budge. I’m stuck. My cock pulsating. “Fuck,” I yell out of horned-out frustration. My mistress steps away. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? You don’t get to touch me. You don’t get to move. A bad little boy doesn’t deserve a hot goddess like me.” She opens a drawer. I hear chains and the slow-moving clicks of her heels pacing toward me. The chains crash loudly below my head on the hard floor. “This isn’t do whatever you want day. You’re here to server me and right now it’s time to punish you,” she grabs my hand cuffing my arm to the table. She moves to the other side of the table and stretches me apart, both arms are pinned back. I’m completely under control and unable to move.


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I know you want this pussy you naughty little fuck

She hovers her leather zipped pussy over my face. I imagine my mistress’s sweet pussy in my mouth and my cock nearly explodes. My body jerks unsuccessfully as the pain increases. I’m not to cum until I’m given permission. I have been very VERY bad, and I don’t know if my mistress will even allow me to cum if I don’t give enough to her. I want to cry. I can feel every hair on my body holding this excitement back. “I know you want this pussy, you’re a naughty little fuck. Can’t have it. You can never ever get a pussy this good,” she sits down on top of my face. Squishing my face between her heavenly thighs and amazing pussy. She walk and grabs the bondage wrap, I can hear the plastic unfold. Next thing I know my rock-hard boners strapped down to my body. Its pulled down and restricted. I’m further from her warm touch.  I’m devastated. My cock fights the plastic, pushing up to stay strong. It won’t go soft. I’m completely stuck, yearning for my mistress. “How’s that? You think I wouldn’t punish you for being bad? Now look at you. Wrapped up never getting to cum again.” She grabs and flicks at my nipples bringing me back from her spell. I’m still stuck, and my cock is screaming. My head is dizzy. My mind is fixated on my throbbing cock. She walks up to my head and grabs me by the cheeks. “Are you ready to be good?” ‘Yes mistress,’ I say wanting to please her. “Louder,” she yells whipping me with a short cord, “tell you’re sorry. Tell me you’re ready to be good for me now!” ‘I’m sorry. I’m so sorry mistress. I’m ready to be good, please.’ I beg please and plead that I’ll be good. I can’t move. I’m freaking out begging. “Shut the fuck up,” she leans down and drips spit leaving it hanging from her sexy red mouth. It drips slowly onto my check and inches slowly down onto my neck.


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Milk ropes fly everywhere as my pipe unloads every drop of my nut

I’m spaced out. My cock is itching to cum. Bent down between my legs, its hot and warm and restricted tightly still. She starts to work her hands all over my body, avoiding my cock. The sensations are thrilling my body. Each area different in increasing with pleasure. I can see her where she’s standing as she rubs my body. She’s in a leather catsuit that zips at the crotch and down the middle. Red lipstick and Blonde Hair. She’s sultry and stern. Slutty and naughty in just the perfect ways. My cock stiffens any moment I think of her. Now she’s standing above me shining with her perfect body. I can feel precum dripping down my leg. They’re blue as fuck and full for my mistress. She slaps both hands on each of my thighs. “You want me to punish your cock,” she grips down firmly exciting the shit out of me. She slaps my cock. I yell out but can’t move. “I’m hard,” I yell. ‘I don’t care about your stupid boner. You think I care?’ She grabs a pair of scissors and hold them snipping above my head so I can see them. My pipe is about to bust. She pokes through the plastic next to my cock. I’m moaning loudly and trying to wiggle my cock to jerk. She whips me hard with the cord, “stop moving I don’t want to cut it off,” she moves back to the scissors stuck into the plastic. She cuts slowly a panel free for my cock. It busts out hard and strong. Red and throbbing for my mistress. It must be an hour after I thought I couldn’t hold back any further. My nuts are hard. I’ve made too much cum. I’m shaking for her, pulling against my handcuffs. She steps away and back over my face. Her ass is at my mouth and her pussy at eye level. My eyes peel through the zipper. I realize I see her actually wet through the zipper. My cock convulses. I’ve excited my mistress. “Permission to cum,” I pant, fighting all the restrictions. ‘No,’ she giggles, she doesn’t even care. She takes the zipper and starts to rub it over my mouth. ‘Shut Up,’ she rubs the metal zipper loop between my lips, ‘bite,’ she demands. I hold the zipper firmly with my mouth. ‘You want to see this hot pussy,’ she works her hips forward using my mouth to free her right before my eyes. She pulls forward spreading the zipper open up and over my face with my mouth. My nose traces her pussy as I’m about to see her ass hole. My cock is dancing, hard. Impossible not to cum. My body tries to flex forward, fully restricted and punished. I drop the zipper as she hovers, wet above me. “Permission to cum,” my mistress demands seeing how weak she’s made me. My balls tense as cum shoots out from the deepest part of my cock. Milk ropes fly everywhere as my pipe unloads every drop of my nut. My body drops lose in my chains.

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