Riding and Sucking

Riding and Sucking

The Top Blown Off

It’s late. I’m sleeping. I hear my phone go off. I missed the call.  I look down and I’ve missed a bunch of calls and texts. It’s my girlfriend. She’s drunk. She’s feeling wild and horny. She keeps texting from the cocktail bar.  I open my messages .Video after video, my horny little girlfriend was sending me the nastiest clips. ‘Fuck,  I should have gone out tonight,’ I think to myself. I text her back to see if she’s still there. Damn she looks good tonight. There is about an hour and a half left until the bar closes. “Should I stop up and buy you ladies a drink?” She’s so horny for my cock all the time. The moment I think of her my cock gets hard. She can barely keep her hands off of it. She gets it so big and completely rock hard. I know her drunk ass is going be after my cock like a fiend. She texts back, “head up babe. I’m dancing.” My cock throbs. I run out the door, grabbing my keys quick. I try not to speed as I head into the city. I text to see if she wants to hop right in. God she’s horny. She’s sending me titty flashes from the dance floor. Her huge boobs barely fit in her tiny cocktail dress as is. I pull up toward the club. I can see all the guys trying to flirt with her. She’s so hot. Ignoring them in the rudest way as she takes me a selfie. I get it right as I pull up. She screams and jumps up and down. I rush around to help her into the car.

She’s in and we’re out. I speed down the road. Damn she is so hot! She’s in her chair DD titties pulled out and she’s moaning like a little slut right at me. She looks down and see my wood. “OOOoooo,” her eyes light up and she bites her lip. I stiffen up tight against my pants. She grabs my cock through my shorts. “Mmmm daddy you’re so hard for me!” My cock is so hard. She’s so fucking slutty and she wants my cock so bad. I could probably cum already. I play it cool. I’m looking at this slutty, smoking, hot blonde. Her tits are out trying to rub the cum out my balls right through the fabric. I’m breathing hard and speeding fast. She grabs my cock in one hand and starts to lift my shorts with the other. She manages to pull the shorts up exposing my tip. I didn’t notice until she leaned down and touched her wet lips to my bear cock. I jump up a little bit. Fuck my slut is hot. I need more my cock is aching.

She rips my shorts open

She rips my shorts open and pulls my pants down freeing my balls to tightly grab around them. She leans down and licks my balls. I‘m moaning so loud. I’m speeding trying to get home as fast as I can. I’m trying to be safe but she’s so nasty and it makes me crazy. She won’t stop begging for my cock. She looks up from sucking my balls. My cock is being stroked in her hand. She’s licking her lips and looking at me. She licks up and down my cock, wetting my entire cock, tip to balls. I want to fuck her so bad. She begs for my cock in between the licks and sucks. My girlfriend sucks cock so good. I can feel her big , full breasts pressed up against my leg and she slides her mouth deeper.

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“Shit,” someone random pulls in front of me. I brake. The force slams my girlfriend’s mouth to swallow my cock down to the nuts. She gasps coming up for air. She heads back down fast. Slurping drool, she drops down for more. It was only one moment of air but I can feel her missing the full feeling of my cock in her throat by the way she sucks me passionately. She swallows me down loving every inch and gagging it back up. Up and down.  We’re about three miles from the house. She’s a hot, sloppy, slutty mess. Lipstick and mascara everywhere. She’s so beautiful. I put my thumb in her mouth while she’s sitting up looking at me. She leans back and spreads her legs. She puts her leg behind my hair and starts rubbing her pussy through her stockings. I can tell she has no panties on. I can see her pussy right thought the stockings.  She looks at me smiling, “daddy I want you now!” She rips her panty hoes open and spreads her tight little pussy open for me. I trip out seeing that hot little pink hole. She fast. Before I know it she’s hopped on top of me. One leg out the window, she slides my cock inside of her. I moan loud she’s tight and wet. Riding on top of me like a wild little slut.

She grabs her pussy and plays with her clit. I slow down trying to get home. She’s fucking me hard. I don’t think she remembers we’re in the car. Her pussy gets so horny. She’s riding my cock up and down. She’s screaming and moaning over and over. The neighbor lady definitely saw her riding me. I pull into the driveway and put it in park. I grab that fat ass and bounce her as hard as I can on top of my cock. She’s fingering her clit and squeezing her nipples. Her slutty little mouth is wide open. Her moans are so sweet, and her breathing is heavy. She’s leaned back, draped over the steering wheel. Her pussy tightens up hard around my cock. I can feel her pussy start to cream. I stroke my full cock in and out of her eager pussy. I’m solid rock. I pump into that tight hole as she starts to cum. Her legs fly even further apart as she rubs big circles over her pussy. I can’t take it any more I blast off filling that slutty hole with my hot, sticky cum. She moans, “yesssss,” eyes rolled back in her head I can tell she’s still cumming. Her body stiff, she cums the entire time she’s taking my full load. She passes out of exhaustion right away on top of my chest. She’s so sexy. I’m completely drained. It takes me about 15 minutes and countless kisses to wake my drunk princess up. I get her out of the car and carry her into the house. I get her in bed. We both came so hard. She’s so wild. Best sleep of our lives.

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