Sexual Hypnosis

Sexual Hypnosis

Leave Your Problems at the Door

Come in to the room and leave your problems at the door. Work is over. There is nothing to think about but me. You’re here to be with me. It’s time for just you and me now so relax. Do you see the hallway? Good, it’s not too long. There are ten doors. See the light. There is a soft light at the end of the hall, in the last room. Count back from 10 as you pass each door out loud. You will feel my presence more and more. You will start to be under my control. Come back to my room. Breath in as you pass by the door. 10. Breath out. 9. Feel your worries start to ease. 8. Continue to relax. 7. You can feel my power as you come near. 6. Breath in deep. 5. Hold in the feelings that are starting to excite you. 4. Breath out. 3. When you enter the room your will be under my full control. 2. Relax. 1. You are completely under my control. I am your master and you are submissive to me. Say “Yes Mistress.”

I’m here with you now. Recline in the relaxing chair. Take a deep breath in. Feel the air in your lungs. Breath out. Relax. You deserve this. Now breath in a little deeper. Exhale. You feel the stress relieved in your toes. The room is dimly lit. As you continue to breath, you start to feel your legs relax. You’re comfortable and happy. A wave of relaxation flows through the rest of your body. Your arms are light and the tension in your neck has subsided. Close your eyes. Feel the warmth of relaxation over your face. Good. Enjoy relaxing before I start to excite you. Relax and listen to the sound of my voice. Open your mind and feel what you need to feel. Now imagine my body. You can remember so much detail with me. You’re happy when you think of me. Throughout your day even when you leave here, you’ll smile thinking of me. Have you missed me? Good. I’m ready for you.

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Say “Yes Mistress.”

I’m happy you’re relaxed. I want you to think about my face. You’re happy when you look at me. I want you to think about my smile. Look into my eyes. They are deep and passionate. I want you to imagine the time that you were turned on the most. How did your body react? Think about what I was wearing. Think about my body. My soft skin and incredible shape. What turned you on the most? Imagine your hands passing over my curves. Think about the way you felt as I got your cock hard for me. I felt it too. My mind was caught up in passion and my body was wet with seduction. You love being my slave. Say “Yes Mistress.” Very good my slave. See what your mistress has done to you. Feel my power making your body weak for me. I will take what I want. Focus on how hard I’ve made your erection. Grab your cock in your hands and squeeze. Become aware of your body as you stare at your cock. I am in control of it all. Your cock wants to bust. Don’t even think of stroking it. Just look at how hard you get for me. I’m happy but I need more. Say “Yes Mistress.”

You’re getting hornier and harder every word you read. Your cock is throbbing for your queen. Imagine me standing before you. Perfection. The harder you get, the more you want to obey. You will always serve me. Each instruction you obey will release a new level of pleasure for my slave. If you please me then your goddess will pleasure you. Your body is so turned on. You can barley stand it. Do you want to give me your cum slave? Say “Yes Mistress.” Good. You’ve been patient and good. It’s time to relieve your cock. Grab your cock at the base by the balls and grab it tight. Now spit on your cock and look at your mess. Good slave. Take your other hand and put it around your hard cock. Think about my hand gripping it up and down as you start to stroke your cock. Work the spit over your cock and shine up the head. Your mistress is so good. Allowing you to experience new and greater pleasure every moment. Grab it harder. Good. Remember how hot my body feels. How badly you want to cum for me. Do you want your mistress to make you cum? Say “Yes Mistress, please.” Good slave. Spit on your cock. I’m going to count down from ten and when I get to one you’re going to obey your mistress and you’re going to squirt your cum out for me until your balls are drained. Say “Yes Mistress.”

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Listen to my voice and your mistress will reward you with pleasure. 10. Spit on your cock again and stroke. Good. 9. Think of my legs standing above you. My hot body. 8. You can barley hold back as you stroke that cock for me. 7. Look at your cock and how red and hard you are. 6. Stroke 5. You want to give it all to me. 4. You’re getting closer and closer. 3. Look into my eyes. 2. Feel how wet you’ve made me. 1. Cum for your mistress


Say “Thank you Mistress.”


Let your cum shoot out. Make me happy. Stroke it until there is nothing left. I’ve it all to me. Good. Good Slave. Clean yourself up and put your pants back on. Feel the relaxation over your entire body. Feel the love you have for your mistress. Every time you think of me your cock will long for me. You are happy because I own you.

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