Sharing With My King

Sharing With My King

He’s Horny When He Gets Home

I’m glad you’ve come over to hang out. I want you to help me with a surprise I wanted to do for my husband. Put this on. He likes high heels, little thongs and some sexy lingerie under this dress. Bend over this barstool. He’ll be here soon with all this friends. He wants a hot piece of ass just like you. You will look like a hot little bitch in this outfit. He and his friends are going to love it. I’m handcuffing you’re wrists and ankles to the stool legs. You’re restrained, forced to bend over and greet them with your ass in the air. My husband has a huge black cock…. and so does his friends. He’s always so horny when he gets home. I’ll let you play the little sissy house wife for once. Let these big strong men use you up. Let them dump their loads, deep inside you.

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I love to beg for his cum

Bend over and let me clip you in. Look at that pretty ass in the air. He’s going to love this. I can hear them in the garage. Just pretend you’re me. I know you can be a hot little slut. Just keep your ass worked up in the air and let daddy and his friends have some fun with you. I love to moan and beg for his cum. Don’t forget.

The door opens. 3 huge black men in business suits come in. They’re huge and make you look tiny. Be the slutty bitch you want to be. They’re stronger, bigger and sexier. All their cocks are bigger. Your cock looks like a little sissy clit compared to them.

Damn your wife looks fine. She looks hot huh? I want to share her with you. She’s got the best pussy around. She’s such a slut let me show you. Pull her dress up. Look at those hot fucking heels and tiny little thong. Slutty fucking bitch. I’ll put my whole cock inside her then it’s your turn boys.

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You can see the men hard in their suits. They undress and their cocks are so much bigger than yours. You see the flop out. You know a cock like this will feel so good. You are weaker than them and want to take their cocks, suck their dicks and get filled up with their cum. Your pussy is in the air. Wet and horny to take all these big black cocks.

Your sexy husband walks up and pulls up your dress exposing your ass. All three of them are rubbing your body. Your husband leans down and licks your pussy hole. You moan out loud. Your body is begging for it. He licks it, spits on it then stands up and opens you up dipping deep down inside you. Then pulls it out. Showing your tight gape.

See, taste that pussy. ‘You’ fill her mouth. Stick your cock deep inside her. She can take it. His cock is even bigger. He lines up and forces his cock deep inside your hole. “Fuck your pussy is so tight.” He pumps his big fat BBC inside you. You love it. One cock in your pussy and one cock in your mouth. Such a dirty little slut. But daddy‘s friends fill those holes. Daddy‘s first friend is rock hard inside you. You can hear him moaning. You can feel him getting harder and harder inside you. “Cum inside her,” Daddy says. You’re so excited. He grumbles and moans. He starts to cum deep inside your belly. Fuck you’re such a slut. There’s more. His other friend takes his cock out of your mouth and starts to slap it on your ass.

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Another Load

Daddy spreads your ass for his big cock friend. He spits down your hole as he presses his big fat tip inside you. You feel that pussy stretch open to take an even bigger cock. You’re such a slut. He pumps his cock in and out of your pussy. Fast and hard. He can’t even see your little clit compared to this enormous monster. He fucks you harder. Your handcuffed to the stool. Helpless under this big strong man. You moan like a good little girl taking that cock. Your body arches taking the full 12 inches of cock. He starts to cum. His cock pumps deep inside you. Another load pumping deeper and deeper inside your slutty little pussy. You’re so happy.

It’s daddies turn. You’ll never want pussy again after you’re filled right with these cocks. You live big black cock now. You feel your big sexy husband take control of your body. He comes home from work hard and horny. He’s extra turned on at how happy you’ve made his friends. “I love that slutty little pussy.” He fucks deep inside your belly. You’re so turned on. Your pussy is wet and full of cum. You need more. Daddy wants to hear you moan. He wants to make that little pussy cream. Rub your clit. Daddy wants to cum inside that cumming pussy. Take it deep like a good little girl. I can feel that pussy righted. Daddy forces his cock through that cumming pussy. Your moaning makes his balls erript. The third load of hot cum is deposited in your belly. You’re so happy and full of cum. You’re obsessed. A full slut for bbc. Everywhere you go you’re now full of their cum.

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