Slutlife Blog Out with the Old and in with the New

Slutlife Blog Out with the Old and in with the New

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Out With The Old And In With The New… but first…

My phone rings. “I’m here,” my ex says like it’s a good thing. “What? What do you mean you’re here? We’re over and I’m busy. Just leave,” I didn’t give him a chance to answer before I hung up. I’m already in a rush my little summer fling is on his way now to take me to the mall. I hear my ex come through the back door. “Baby come on, I don’t want to break up, I need you.” I roll my eyes seeing he’s already got a huge boner. “You’re out of control I giggle, I told you I’m busy.” I don’t hate this ex. He’s just too old for me. I just graduated and I wanted to have fun…. like with my sexy, chocolate friend who’s about to pull up at any minute. I stare at his big black cock under his pants. It is big, I think to myself, and turns me on buuuut he’s so annoying.

He gets down on his knees and lifts up my skirt. I have no panties on. He looks up at me, curiously, wondering where I’m going with a short jean skirt on and NO panties. He smirks at me and starts to lick my pussy as I stand there in shock. I’m so wet instantly. FUCK. He wants me so bad. I can see him jerk his cock as he licks my clit. I’m standing in the hall way, grasping the door way in pleasure. I know I have only a few minutes left until Devon pulls up. The excitement is thrilling. He’s driving me crazy working his tongue perfectly, trying to make me die. I know he’s putting “it” on me totally on purpose. He’s no dumbie. I look hot as hell and am obviously dressed to impressed. He suddenly pulls back and rapidly turns me around. Ass propped up, he stands up behind me. Rubbing his enormous cock on my wet, throbbing, now completely desperate pussy.

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He sinks in. I yell out as he completely fills me full of cock. Getting fucked before my lover gets here is driving me wild, it’s so naughty. I can’t control it anymore. I can feel he is even closer than I am. I demand he holds out. “Cum for daddy,” he pounds up and the rubs my clit. I freak. I fucking scream so loud cumming on his big hard cock. The explosion was incredible… but now over. I start rushing him through the rest of this fuck (my legs now like jello)  He pulls out. I turn so he can shove it in my mouth. He cums hard, blowing his load deep in my throat. I swallow it all, wipe my face and pull my skirt down. “You have to go,” causally smirking I take him toward the back door to get his shoes. “Off, off,” I shew him, “thanks for the dick,” I smile as I push him out the door. I head to the front door to let my summer fling in. He doesn’t see my ex as he walks away. (Honestly priceless moment.)

I greet my sexy friend as he enters the house. “Damn you look sexy,” he exclaims grabbing his cock.


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