Slutlife Snapchat Takeover with Phoenixxx

Slutlife Snapchat Takeover with Phoenixxx

YAAASSSS Snapchat is LIT

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Hey guys thanks for watching the behind the scenes takeover  of the photo shoot with Phoenixxx on the slutlife snapchat account ( add SlutLifeSnaps.)  We had a great time catching up and taking some hot fuck you break up photos. Sometimes hot girls just like to play dress up and show off their hotness. Have you added us on Snapchat yet? Slutlife has a takeover account so all sorts of hot girls take this account over.


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Yesterday Phoenixxx and I (Dominica) went to the store and got some Bacardi Limon. It’s been years since I’ve had that. I forgot how good it was. She and I laughed and caught up. I have a million wigs so I dressed her up and a completely new woman. Sometimes it feels great just to dress up and be someone else. Thank god I love to dress up in all the things so I had all sorts of fun lingerie to dress her up in. So we log into SlutLifeSnaps everyones excited. We have a lot of mutual friends. I hope you guys enjoy the video of Dominica and Phoenixxx now on YouTube and shown here. We had so much fun.


Want to find some hot clothes like we are wearing. Check out the collection over on my toy store website So all the drinking and smoking for a few hours we got a great buzz going. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m wild as hell. Me and my girlfriend outside in our sexy lingerie, late at night being sexy on the SlutLife Snapchat account. I would have to say it was a pretty good day for a Monday. Phoenixxx and I will definitely be doing more photo shoots together. I hope you guys enjoy these photos and the YouTube video of our silly night staying in and getting pretty much wasted on a Monday.

I swear to god she looked sooo hot in this outfit I had her in. I love girls that like to rock the sexy body stockings. She has huge natural beautiful boobs. OMG I love them. Enjoy this little bit we shot. I promise we will do more next time we shoot. Get even more photos and even more footage on SlutLifeSnaps. Please don’t forget to add us on Snapchat and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.



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