Sunday Night Sports Dick

Sunday Night Sports Dick

He Knows I’m Sick Of Being Ignored

The timer goes off. My boyfriend runs into the kitchen to get the popcorn. I know he’ll only be gone for a few seconds so I’m going to try and make this fast. I pick up his unlocked phone. Every girl’s fantasy, right….. but what I’m doing is probably worse. Most girlfriends would never do what I’m about to do. I open his messages. My heart is racing as I click around. I fumble around trying to hurry. A couple more clicks and …..’there!’ I’m done. I delete “my doings” though the damage has probably already been done. The game is on. We have a buzz and of course I’m not interested in any sports. My boyfriend knows I’m sick of being ignored every Sunday. It’s our only day off … Yet here we are watching the T.V again. I sit there pretending to not hate my life as I hope my plan has set into action. We eat our popcorn and drink down a cocktail. My mood lightens up and I’m starting to have a good time. He’s really got a good buzz and is being very silly, when all the sudden the doorbell rings. My boyfriend is puzzled as we both shuffle to get decently dressed to answer the door. I, however, don’t try too hard to cover up.

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At the door is my boyfriend’s closest friend, barging in and thanking us for our hospitality. My boyfriend’s friend lives just around the block in the next building. He’s super sexy. Tall, muscular, black with light eyes. He drives me wild every time I see him. He’s so nice and charming. He pays attention to detail, dresses neat, always brings a party favor and makes for the best conversations at each party. I can see my boyfriend is confused so I hurried to offer our guest something cold to drink. I showed the boys toward the TV, I tiptoe into my bathroom fast to make myself look even hotter. I throw on some quick make up and sneak on something slutty and to catch some attention. I hurry back for the drinks and into the living room where it appears my boyfriend still has no idea why his friend is here but doesn’t seem to care. He’s already back to watching his show. His friend notices I have some thing shiny poking out of my oversized baggy crop top and shorts I smile giving him a wink.

Everyone watches the game for a few minutes. We talk, laugh and have drinks. The phone rings. It’s for my boyfriend. He must take it. He excuses himself outside for privacy. Instantly the friend and I are chatting. Flirting hard. I know he thinks I’m hot. I am. I’ve been sending him signals last few times we’ve been together and our party circle of friends. He’s kind of new but everyone likes him. His smile is huge and I can’t stop imagining that he has an enormous cock. My boyfriend knows I need to be wild sometimes. He’s sweet but clueless and often not what I need sexually. I need more attention than he does. I’m hornier than him and way freakier than him. I love him terribly and don’t see myself without him. Sometimes I just want a hot fuck with a big black dick. I brush up against him as I bend down for more drinks out of the fridge. He runs his hand up my silky smooth leg and up to my panties. He traces my panty line with his finger. I know he can feel how that my pussy is already. I moan quietly. It’s so naughty. I feel so good. I see his pants pop up and to a tent. He likes what he sees. It’s written all over my face. What I really want.

Fuck it’s HUGE

”You know I texted you from his phone,” I say with a smirk. He looks at me. He knows he’s looking at a very naughty girl. His cock is hard. The tension is thick. We banter back-and-forth playing flirty and turning each other on like highschoolers trying not to get caught. I pull him around the corner and press my body and to him. I grab his cock firmly over his pants and then start to unzip him. He’s anxious. I drop down to my knees as his monstrous cock flops out. I stare at how big this thing is. “Fuck, it’s huge,” I say as I grab it. I bring the tip to my lips and start to kiss the head of his cock. I lick up and down is 12 inches. He shivers as I wrap my warm wet lips around his cock and proceed to take as many inches as I can into my throat pushing past my gag and down toward his balls. I gag as he pushes it as deep as it will go then pulling it out with thick spit dripping down my face and over his cock. Woosh. The side door opens as a scramble to get his cock back into his pants. I show him to the bathroom as I make for the back room to pull out some bullshit distraction and buy me some time.

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I run out with a few shot glasses, a bottle of liquor and a smile on my face. I’m ready to turn this party up. I kiss my boyfriend and whisper in his ear, “Baby, I think I want to be bad tonight… will you help me?” I say it in a cute voice so daddy will say yes. He looks at me and smiles, “Ok baby. Whatever you want.” He knows that sometimes I like to have him fuck me with a friend. I moan and start to kiss him I kissed him, hard and deep. I changed my mind from earlier… Now I want them both. “Let’s have some drinks,” we say at the same time. His friend enters the room and can sense the calm, fun vibes. The game is on but now we’re focused more and drinking and talking. I’m sitting on my boyfriends lap being affectionate. This doesn’t seem to scare off the friend. We take a few drinks and I turn some music on. I grind on my boyfriends lap, turning him on while looking at his friend. I lick my lips and show them how slutty I can move while I dance. Im hoping one of them will start to fuck me soon. I can see they are both aroused at how sexy I am. I slowly strip out of my ugly, bummy clothes and down to the sexy little silver lingerie that I had on underneath. I dance for both of them as a pour us another round. His friend stands up to come closer. I sit on my boyfriends lap as we all take our shots.

I kiss up on my boyfriend as he rubs over my big juicy ass and thighs, “You know there is enough to go around,“ my boyfriend jokes, smiling at his friend. He turns me around, so my back is to his chest he spreads my legs open and says, “Here, take one.” His friend walks over and crouches down in front of me rubbing up and down my other leg. I moan. Each man has a leg. Both men move further and further up my body. I kiss my boyfriend and he goes for my breasts. He pulls them both out and starts to lick, his friend follow suit. They’re both kissing me, sucking my nipples and playing with my thighs. I’m so aroused. I feel so spoiled with all this attention. I can’t wait to feel their cocks. My boyfriend stands up and takes his cock out and puts it on my mouth. I suck his cock deep as his friend pulls down my panties. He slides his finger over my wet pussy then leans down and starts to lick it up. He licks me so good. I am moaning all over my boyfriends cock. His friend stands up and puts his cock in my face. I sit back and look at them both. I kiss them both and take turns sucking them both. I start licking their balls and trying to shove both our cocks into my mouth. I start to suck my boyfriends friend’s big black cock alone. It’s bigger. My boyfriend lines his cock up to my wet pussy and starts to slide it in. Both holes at each end FULL.

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The harder my boyfriend fucks me the deeper I suck his friends big fat cock. The feeling is unreal. “Let’s switch, my boyfriend says. I can feel him getting harder and harder, about to cum but then he pulls out before it’s too late. My boyfriend puts his big cock covered in my cream into my slutty little mouth. His friend slaps his cock on my ass and starts to work it in. One, two, three, four, 5 inches. He’s thick and has to work himself in deeper and deeper. Six, seven, eight, nine, 10 inches deep. My boyfriends cock keeps getting shoved it down my throat. 11 and 12. All 12 inches deep into my pussy. My boyfriends entire cock stuffed into my mouth. I’m so full. Their cock feels so good as they fuck me back-and-forth. My boyfriend pulls out and comes back behind me.

They take turns sticking their cocks in and out of me. It feelings so fucking good. Each stroke is driving me crazy. His friend sits on the couch. My boyfriend slapped my ass and tells me to hop on. I mount his cock and bounce up and down. His cock is insane. My boyfriend strokes his cock as he pulls up behind me. He rubs his cock up against my hole and then starts to try and shove it in. He wants to stretch my pussy out. Make it take two cocks at once.

I’m maxed out as is. Both men have huge cocks. One thick cock is already inside of me. I boyfriend pushes harder and harder forcing the tip inside my pussy. I yell out with pleasure. His stuffs it in deeper and deeper, stretching my pussy open for the most cock have ever taken. I’m screaming with pleasure. My pussy is pulsating. I can’t help but cum. My pussy feels so amazing. My words are unclear as they fuck my tiny little pink hole. I am moaning louder and louder. My pussy seizes up around their cocks gripping tightly as I start to cum. I scream as my body experiences the most intense pleasure I have ever felt. I can hear them moaning. Both fucking me like crazy until each one cums. They roar like lions filling up my pussy with both of their loads. My body cums over and over as the shockwaves pumps through their cocks and into me. It’s The most sensational feeling. I’m completely exhausted after the threesome. Our friend makes his way to the door. My boyfriend and I pass out snuggling on the couch before the game even ends.

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