That’s What She Said. I’m talking to you read now

That’s What She Said. I’m talking to you read now

Just Imagine

Sit down in the chair and watch me

Do you want me to spread my legs for you?

You like my sexy high heels and pretty toes. Do you want to see them in the air?

MMMMmmm I’m feeling so naughty right now.

My little pussy is sooo horny

I want to touch her

Mmmm do you want me to show you daddy?

I’m going to grind this big ass all over your cock before I show you

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Feel my titties mmmmm they are so big

Grab them harder and lick my neck

Mmm you like that big ass

I’ve got you so hard

I can feel you growing

There isn’t going to be any room in those pants

Mmmm daddy


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Daddy I think my little pussy is getting wet

Can I show you

Can I show you how wet your hard cock gets my sluttly little pussy

Feel over my panties

You can feel the wetness leaking through

Stay seated

I’m going to show you


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I wont be needing this skirt

Let me just take it down and step out of it

That’s better

Doesn’t my ass look fat

Looks like I could use a spanking

You know I’ve a very bad girl

I can jiggle my ass like this daddy

See I can be a good girl


Screenshot to add

Ill just give it a little spank

I have to show you my panties

They are soaking wet


Look at that

My pretty little pussy has soaked these panties

You can see right through them

Fuck I’m wet

I nipples are so hard I have to touch them

I wish you were sucking on them

Ahhhh I need them sucked on

You want to watch me suck on them myself daddy


I taste so good

Did you see how perked up they get

Come here touch them

See how turned on you get me is not under construction check out our progress

Feel my pussy

I’m so wet for you daddy

Mmm feel how horny I am for you

I want you to lick it

I want you to pull my panties to the side and lick up and down that pussy

Yeah mmm that feels so good

Does that pussy taste good

Yeah lick it

Mmmm lick my clit

Just like that

Lick it up

I want to see you

I want to feel you rub your big cock over my little slit

Does that turn you on

Your cock is so hard

Rub it

Rub it against my pussy



Yes ahhhh

Stick it in

Fuck your cock is so big

I’ve been wanting you so long

I needed your cock so bad

Fuck my tight little hole

Yes daddy

Just like that

Fuck my little pussy


Mmmm fuck your cock is so big

You make my titties bounce so hard

Fuck you fill me up deep

Yes daddy give it to me deep

Just like that

Make me cum

Make this tight little pussy cum all over your big cock

Yeah daddy

Fuck me


Make my slutty little pussy cum



You want to cum too

Yeah daddy cum inside me

Fill me up

Make me cum



Cum for me

Yeah daddy

I’m cuuuuummmmmiiinnnnngyeaaahhhhh

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