The Boss’s Babe

The Boss’s Babe

I hope out of the car to run in to drop off bar a drink and a little snack while he’s at work. I don’t see him in his office but I do see another man… ugh his new employee is sooo sexy. He’s only been here for a month. I’ve noticed him at the company party. He’s very charismatic and smooth. I couldn’t help but notice his huge bulge. I find myself drifting into a fantasy about feeling his cock over his pants then unzipping then to find his huge, monster cock flopping out. I bite my lip and try to find my boyfriend.

I want to fuck him

I’ve looked everywhere. His assistant informs that he’s left For a meeting. “Damn you just missed him,” the hot younger man replies. I spin around and there he is. The muscle bound new guy. He’s looking me up and down like he’s ready to bite right in. I wanna pass out and let him. Wow. Why am I so drawn to this guys. Probably because he gorgeous and built, strong as fuck. I want to fuck him here right now…. soooo bad. 

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You’re so much bigger than my boyfriend

“Come see what I’ve got here,” he smiles and invites me into his office. I snap out of my daydream and walk into his office and up to his desk. I can see he’s pulled his cock out. My eyes bulge looking at his long thick cock. He pretends to be showing me something in his computer while he strokes it asking if this is what I’ve wanted. I drop the snacks and down onto my knees. Hidden out of plain sight, I grab his cock and start to kiss it. I start to suck it hard and deep. “You’re so much bigger than my boyfriend,” I say staring at his enormous cock. I spit and start to jerk it off, working it in and out of my hand. It’s at least 9 inches and it’s fat. He looks around then slides to the floor. 

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My legs are spread, my dress is up and my panties are to the side. He lays me back and buries his face between my thighs, licking my extremely wet pussy. He crawls up lining his cock up to my needy little pussy. He sticks that thick cock inside me. 3 inches deep. There is so much more to go. I can feel my pussy stretching open to take his full cock. He pumps deeper and deeper. 6,7,8, 9 inches deep inside me. I’m filled full of cock. I’ve never felt this full. The feeling is incredible. His cock hits places that have never been touched. It’s hard to control my moaning as I get railed on the floor by the new guy. The thrill of this risky fuck is really getting to my head. The euphoria is unreal. I moan. His cock slides deep, in and out. Over and over.

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His cock is rock hard, throbbing inside me. Fuck I’m such a bad girl. I can’t say no to big, sexy cock. We both could get in so much trouble. He could get fired and my boyfriend could break up with me but his cock is so big. I’m not going to last much longer. This big cock is hitting all the right spots. Wrap my legs tightly around him. He slams his full nine inches of thick cock inside me and starts to suck on my nipple. “I’m going to cum. Don’t stop!” He pounds harder and harder forcing my pussy to cream all over his big cock. My soft moans and convulsing pussy drive him wild. He pulls his cock out and shoots his hot load, blasting it all over the floor and desk. His cum is thick and shoots hard and far. We grin at each other and get our clothes situated fast. I sneak out with out a word, leaving the snacks and waving quickly to everyone else. 

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