The Liberation of Social Celibacy

The Liberation of Social Celibacy

To start the “New Norm.”

It’s the first official weekend after quarantine so my husband and I decided to throw a huge party in our backyard. It’s summer now and everyone has been cooped up for months. The past is behind us and we were anxious to get back out there. To start the “new norm.” We are desperate for that social interaction and some new attention. God knows if I had to look at my husband across the room for one more second, I would have gone insane. He really did quite well but let’s face it. I am ready for this fucking party!!!

Everything is set up and ready. The bar is fully stocked with booze and drugs. We are ready to get wild as fuck. Grill, swim, laugh and dance. We’ve invited all our friends. It looks like almost every person we’ve invited has shown up. A few drinks in my husband makes a corny speech that gets everybody doing shots. It’s a wild celebration of what feels like the liberation of social celibacy. Everyone is having a good time. It’s hot, we’re all in the pool. The DJ has the music loud. Life is good again. Parties hit different when you literally have missed the shit out of everyone and everything. The whole thing feels like magic. Like you’re a teen again, a moment frozen in time. It feels unreal as you’re living it. The hype has kicked in and the hormones are flying. All my girlfriends are looking good. I’m drunk and I’m feeling horny. My husband looooves to watch me make a scene.

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He Makes Me Get So Naughty

I’m in the hot tub with a bunch of friends. We are sharing a bottle of tequila and starting to get touchy-feely. The party has turned up as some of the tamer friends have left. Me and my hottest friend lick the tequila bottle as we entice the boys to come join us in the tub. My husband watches from the grill. I can see he’s getting a Boner already. I love seeing him turned on. He makes me get so naughty. I love it and it’s so fun. I pull the bottle down and kiss my girlfriend. The party goes wild. Another girl pulls me off that girl so she can take a turn making out with me. She kisses me deep and the other girl takes my breast and licks my neck. I’m getting very horny. I’m drunk and I’m turned on. These girls are hot so everyone is turned on. The first girl’s boyfriend joins and is kissing her and grabbing her tits. You can see his cock is rock hard. I’m sure impressed. She’s always bragging about his big black cock and now I can see why.

More girls have joined the party. Six topless girls kissing and drinking in my hot tub. The guys aren’t far behind. Some have settled in around the edge and a few have hopped in. It’s crowded and all of the guys are hard. Everyone is turned on. My husband has turned off the grill at this point and it’s sitting behind me, grabbing my boobs and putting them in his best friends mouth. I know what he’s thinking and I’m not opposed. I loving This naughty little turn out, everybody is getting so wild. I think we all needed this. I slide my hand into my girlfriends bikini bottoms. She moans out loud as I start to rub her wet pussy. Both of our best friends are sucking on my boobs. He’s got one in each of their mouth’s. In the corner of my eye I can see two of the other girls with their hands are on the black guys cock. Everyone’s kissing and all over each other. It’s so fucking hot.

it’s not long after the first cock was pulled out that the oral has begun. Girls laid-back, out of the hot tub getting their pussies licked. Guys getting their cocks stroked and sucked by so many different girls. My pussy is so wet. My husband whispers in my ear to suck his friend’s cock. I giggle and ask, “which one?” He smiles and points, ”You can start there.” He points over to his best friend who’s making out with two other girls. I swim over a bit and start to rub all three of them down. They bring me and with kisses and gropes from every end. I pull his best friends cock out and see that he’s got nine thick inches. It looks good as I start to smack it around my mouth. One girl rubs my pussy and the other makes out with him as I start to suck his huge pipe down my throat. I can hear him moaning as Bethany kisses his lips. I wave for the black guy. I turn Molly around and bend her over. I stick my husband’s best friends pipe into Molly’s tight little pussy. He fucked her hard as I start to suck the big black cock. Everyone is fucking, sucking and sharing.

Everyone is Fucking Someone

I’ve had two cocks in my mouth and my pussy is jealous. I want the girls to lick my pussy while the guys take turns fucking us. My husband loves to watch me take big cock. He knows I am about to enjoy getting fucked in this hot orgy so much. He’s grabbing his cock watching my every move. I backed my ass into his best friend I’m sucking down that big black cock. I want to take the 9 inch cock before I take the big 10 inch cock. Everyone in the hot tub is fucking someone. My husband‘s best friend feels my super wet pussy and starts to push his big cock in it. He forces his big black cock further down my throat. The feeling is amazing. I’m getting fucked from both ends. The three girls are playing with my body and kissing each other. His friend fucks me hard with his 9 inches. The more I scream in the more cock I take. He pulls out before he comes. I stand up and line him up with a new girl, kissing them both. I grab the black guy and his girlfriend and start to make out with them. I want him to fuck us both. I want she and I to like each other’s pussies.

She grabs my titties kissing me. He picks me up and sets me outside on the edge of the Jacuzzi. My husband puts my head in his lap and pinches my hard nipples. She licks my pussy as her big BBC fucks her. It feels so good. She licks pussy so good. I can see how good he’s fucking her. He smacks her ass and says
“Go give her a taste.“ She hops out of the pool and crouches down putting her pussy in my face. I lean in to lick up and down her Clit. I go further and lick her hole and suck her pussy. I lick her out inserting my finger into her hot fucked hole. My head is in my hubby‘s lap, he watches me lick her pussy while her boyfriend lines his 10 inches up to my belly. I can feel my husbands cock stiffen as he sees what’s about to fill me up. He pulls his cock back and rubs it over my hole. It’s Fat. He has to try hard to fit it in there. It’s too big. He slides it in slow.

Inch by inch my pussy stretches around his massive cock. “FUCK,” I’m so full I had to cry out. I eat her pussy so good. I can taste his cock inside her. I can feel I’m going to make her come. I’m getting fucked hard. I want to make her come with me. It’s insane how good this cock is. He pumps that big, thick cock in and out of me. Another girl leans down and starts to lick my clit while he’s fucking me. Just the thought of it blows my mind. Her licking up my wet slutty pussy as he fucks that big 10 inch pipe into me. I CUM, burring my face deep into her pussy. I come hard on his cock over and over as he pumps that Monstrous thing inside me. He’s about to come. He pulls it out and sticks it inside his girlfriends pussy as I eat her out. He comes and she comes. He pumps deep inside her as I lick her throbbing clit. I can hear nut after nut busting around the party. Each orgasm enjoyed by the crowd. It’s the most fun we’ve had all year. Period. Maybe in our lives. Just like that 2020 is better than ever.

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