They Say Confession Is Good For The Soul

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They Say Confession Is Good For The Soul

They say confession is good for the soul…so here it goes.  I work as an executive for a global firm in my city.  My days are filled with strategic decisions, countless meetings, high end suits and never ending conference calls…but on certain days I cannot help but think about you. In fact, in most meetings my mind slips from the matter at hand to fantasizing about you and at times my cock hardens at the very thought of your lips or eyes…on those particular days, I drive home a little quicker than usual, at times my cock becomes fully hard even on the drive home.  I pull into the driveway, open the garage and walk into the house…my cock strains against the fabric of my suit.  I walk upstairs my hand slides down to my crotch and gives my cock a squeeze….

I Can Feel My Cock Get Harder

I lay down on the bed, open my laptop and pull up your pic…I can feel my cock get harder and that delicious feeling of a drop of precum slowly oozes down my cock….fuck…I open my zipper and slide my hand into my black Armani trunks…my cock is fully hard and it welcomes the warmth of my hand…damn I wish it was your hand wrapped around my cock….my eyes focus on your lips in your pic, and I imagine kissing you…then quickly shift focus to them wrapped around my cock..with my hand in your hair….my hand increases its grip on my cock and I begin to stroke it, my eyes now shift down to your full tits and I imagine their warmth and firmness….my cock feels very warm and my precum covers my hand…the strokes intensify…I pull my pants down and my cock rests on my stomach….I can feel it to twitch and move on its own. I close my eyes and imagine you next to me, I imagine how your hair smells….and what perfume you are wearing, I remember our last naughty conversation…and then that delicious wave overcomes my cock and my cum begins to build up and rolls through the length of my shaft and shoots out….all over my stomach and onto my crisp white dress shirt….I have not cum like that in weeks…and only when I think of you do I cum in such volume….damn…how do I explain this to my dry cleaner?


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