Throwback Thursday with Don Cross Photography – September

Throwback Thursday with Don Cross Photography – September

Throwback Thursday with Don Cross Photography – September

Don Cross has been a glamour, pin-up, and performance artist photographer for over 35 years.  His work has appeared hundreds of times in more than 60 publications. While he has photographed musicians, actors, and singers, most of his experience has been with models, many of whom are also adult actors and producers.  Don will be sharing his experiences and sharing profiles of some of the models with whom he has worked with the readers at

Meeting Pro-Switch and Model, Adara Jordin

I had been working with professional dominatrix and glamour model, Goddess Taylor Knight, for several years.  We had been trying to organize a shoot with another model for some time but, each time we got the plan completed, something would always go wrong – calendar conflicts, illness, etc.  Taylor suggested we build a new plan with a visiting model, Adara Jordin.  I knew nothing about Adara but a quick look at her work on the internet and my confidence in Taylor’s judgment soon led me to agree.

We created a plan that would include glamour sets for each model as well some combo sets with Taylor as the dominatrix and Adara as the submissive.  We had decided to do the shoot at Taylor’s place to take advantage of her dominatrix set-up.  When I arrived, I soon learned that Adara may be small, but she is strong! She pitched in to load in my equipment, grabbing some of the heavier light cases and the seamless paper backdrops.  Adara also helped me set backdrops and light stands while Taylor finished laying out wardrobe and accessories.  And then the fun began!

We started with a solo set with Taylor, but we’ll talk more about working with the Goddess on another Throwback Thursday.  Taylor had told me that, while Adara had a lot of video experience, she hadn’t sone that much still/pinup-style work and was a little nervous.  With that in mind, we started with a duo set with Taylor as the domme and Adara and the sub.  Although Adara easily switches from the domme to sub role, she had the most experience working with Taylor as a sub, so it made sense to start in her comfort zone.  It worked beautifully and with both Taylor and I coaching her, Adara quickly lost her nervousness and really got into the shoot!

The shoot was planned so that I would shoot solo with one model while the other model changed for the next set, sometimes doing duo sets as well.  Even in the planning stage, it became clear that Adara was excited the military sets I suggested.  It was the only set that day for which I was providing wardrobe and props; although, the ladies did add some of my accessories to their wardrobe selections for the other sets.  Adara made a perfect military pinup girl and it was one of the first sets published.  It went so well, in fact, that the theme made a return in our next shoot as well!

We had planned to do a more classic pinup look and Adara asked me to help her select the wardrobe for that set.  I quickly selected this pink bikini and heels and picked some jewelry items from my stock.  I had brought a stars-and-stripes lingerie and boots outfit and Adara brought off both looks beautifully, as you can see!

Of course, fetish is still Adara’s favorite genre and we certainly tried to make sure we included some solo work as well as with the Goddess!

A full day’s shoot usually produces several publishable photo sets, but cover sets are rare.  Often a shoot will not produce even one cover set.  This day with Adara and Goddess Taylor Knight has produced three cover sets so far!

Adara went back to her life as a traveling model but we both hoped to work together again.  She was returning to Florida to film with Penthouse model, Nyssa Nevers, and they both agreed that it made sense to take a day to shoot with me as well.  I was delighted!  We planned for several concepts, both solos and duos

As I mentioned earlier, Adara had been excited about a first military set and seemed even more excited about doing another version.  This time, she provided the wardrobe and some of the props and Nyssa’s husband contributed some of the weapons.

Both Adara and Nyssa are pro-switches, easily taking the dominant or submissive role but, since all I had to date was with Adara in the submissive role, Nyssa agreed to take the sub role for a set. 

With a motorcycle readily available, the ladies decided to go “biker chicks”.  We all joined in on the wardrobe and accessory selections and Nyssa’s husband helped us position the bike.  Clearly, anyone would be happy to ride with these two!

Of course, we had to make time for a glamour set and Adara had a sparkly bikini that was perfect.  With the addition of some additional glitter from my stock of jewelry and Adara’s dazzling figure, we made some great images!  We certainly also did some solo sets with Nyssa, but those will be for another time when we focus on Nyssa!

By now, I’m sure you have guessed that after meeting Adara Jordin I have become a big fan.  Working with her is a joy.  She helps to make wonderful images in every way she can.  She pitches in on set up and tear down.  When she steps in front of the camera, she is absolutely ready to go to work.  She works easily with other models and is appreciative of everyone’s contribution.  Even after the shoot, she is quick to complete any paperwork needed for publications, etc. Of course, she also gorgeous and sexy!  Any photographer or producer who gets the chance to work with her should jump at it!  I look forward to working with Adara soon, maybe in a few weeks.  I know it will be a fun and productive day; although, I have to admit, I’m also looking forward to the hugs after the shoot!

See More of Adara Jordin at:

  • Twitter – @AdaraJordin
  • Instagram – adarajdigital, goddessadaraj

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