Today You’ll Be Punished

Today You’ll Be Punished

Stick Your Face In It

Shut up little bitch you’ve been bad. You think I’m going to let you touch me? This sexy hot body is off limits to you but maybe I’ll bring someone back here and make you watch me get fucked. Mmmmm you look so turned on. Too bad, because today you’ll be punished. Kneel before me and kiss my feet. You’re lucky I haven’t kicked your ass. Now kiss up and down my sexy legs and worship my ass. Lick over that round ass. Stick your face in it. Smell your goddess. You’ll never touch me again. Now bend down. Over this bench. I’m tying you down. It’s time to punish. 

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You wanna be a little bitch then I’ll treat you like one. Give me your hands. I’m tying you to this post. Now spread your legs. I’m tying you down. Let me grab my whip. *crack* right over that little ass. Let’s stuff you in this little cock cage before your little pp gets too hard. I’m gonna lock you up all week. Imagine that load. How sore you’re gonna get. Your cock gets so hard thinking of me. You’ll feel that stinging torture all day everyday for a week. I know I keep that dick hard just with the thoughts of me.

Milk That Cock

Look how I have you now. Bent over. Tied down. Ready to be punished. Let’s see if we can milk that cock hands free. Don’t worry. I’ll take my time. You’ll be begging for it. (I scratch my way up the thighs over your ass and pull your underwear down.) Your cage is ready. It’s so tight on your cock. Someone is excited to get his punishment. Let me just lock this pad lock.  See this. Your mine. I have the only key to that metal cage around your cock. Let me tease this cock. We’ll see how restrained you really are. 

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I lightly drag my whip across your back then *smack* I pop you hard on the back. You hear my heels clicking on the floor. I drag my whip across your back again *CRACK* I whip a little harder. I tap the whip in little cracks all over your back. Then *smack* right on the ass. *smack SMACK SMACK* I pop that ass over and over then rub it gently with my hands. I kiss the red spot “oh is that better?” I smack the whip a few more times over your ass before I spread it open and spit. 

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Mmmm you feel my spit dripping down your ass. What next? I think we should torture your cock til it cums. (I smack your ass with my hand as I watch my spit roll down to your balls. I grab and start pulling your balls.) You need this cock drained bad boy. I lick my finger with the other hand and then slip into your ass. You moan loud as I stroke your balls and finger your ass. Yeah bend it over I know you like that. I grab my strap on toy and lube it up. I pour lube down your ass. I smack your back with the whip as I spread the lube around. “I bet you won’t be bad anymore will you.” I smirk as I start to rub my big toy over your ass hole. You back is arched. I know you want to feel this big cock stretch you out. It my favorite toy too. You love to watch me take it. Now it’s your turn. I press the tip in slowly. You moan. I watch your ass stretch open as your body melts into position. You’re ready to take this cock. I pump it further in and out. Deeper and deeper. I know exactly how to make you be good. You take punishment so well. I slam it harder into your slutty little ass. I pound past your moans. Your body is open and out of control. Mine. You drool in pleaser as I pump in and out of your body filling you up deep then plunging you out. Your body tenses hard. You beg to cum. I grab your balls fucking hard. I can see you can’t resist. I pound deep and hard. “Cum bitch,” I demand sending your body over the edge. Your body pulls against all restrains but your held down. Your balls drain, cock restricted in the cage. You shake as your body empties. You gasp for air, moaning and out of breath as you finish. You collapse restrained. Content. Powerless. 

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