Pegged: The Office pt I

Pegged: The Office pt I

High Class

It all started downtown at the cities newest hotel bar. I was meeting a friend at the bar for some drinks and then some rowdy fun up in the room. It was a busy night, the bar was packed as I ordered my martini. I’m a world famous dominatrix specializing in the nastiest kinks these subs require. I’m dressed head to toe in black. Sharp leather thigh high boots, shiny black stockings with a short, black, latex dress on. My breasts and body look perfect. I’m definitely getting a lot of attention. I notice a fat, white haired gentleman staring at me. I grim his existence. The bar tender approaches, “the gentleman there has offered to pick up your tab.” I smile and lift my glass to the man and blow a kiss with my big, juicy red lips. He stands up to leave and passes me his business card on the way out. I go on with my night as scheduled. I give the number to my assistant to reach out. In about a weeks time I hear back with his elaborate and expensive request. It’s by far my most involved gig requiring a flight to London, a phony interview, 3 days of real secretary work, a few dinners and a strap on. The compensation is tremendous an interesting offer I can’t refuse. And, just like that a few weeks later I was on my way to London. 

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I touch down. There’s a limo waiting for me at the airport with champagne and roses. The Chauffeur drives me to my gorgeous hotel where I have my own room. I have the rest of the evening to relax and prepare for tomorrow. In the afternoon I have my interview with “my new boss.”

Business Sex Power

I get up early. The door rings. A beautiful designer business suit is dropped off. The skirt fits like a glove. The suit is black, paired with a garder belt, stockings, a black sheer button up blouse, new thong panties, bra, a diamond necklace,  a tube of light mauve lipstick and a pair of Louboutins. He’s got amazing taste in fashion and is doing good so far. I feel sexy and ready to kill this interview. I’ll be getting the job regardless but when I get there I want the entire office to feel my presence and every cock hard. I’m in modest business clothes but my look says business, sex, and power. Like a statue, a sexy goddess, unapproachable perfection. 

I hop into the Uber and head to the office. It’s huge. One of the nicest views of the city. This man is wealthy and ruthless, I’ve done my homework. I’ve only received the first part of my trips instructions covering the interview, general scope of my office presentation/ work. I really will be the secretary. I will be managing his affairs and life for roughly a business week before we have our special encounter. He wants to see all the eyes on me. He wants all his employees to ask me for drinks and decline, be the object of their fantasies. I walk into the beautiful elevator and head to the top floor. The door opens. This place is huge and full of top level executives. I’m greeted and brought back to his corner office. There is a partner sitting in. Every move I make is perfect. Eloquent. I rule the room like their business doesn’t exsist. The formalities are over, I’ve already been hired and naturally I’m the most confident person in the room. His partner excuses himself to tend to more important matters. Left alone he’s weak. The office is private though all that is happening right now is conversation. We get to know each other casually for the next 15 minutes. His eyes study every detail of the outfits he’s chosen. I can tell he’s pleased with himself. I’m sure he’ll want to be stroking his cock in the bathroom as soon as I leave but I already have have a previously recorded text instructing him that I own him and that he does not have permission to touch himself. He’ll think of me until he’s sore, night and day. I will be making this very very hard on him. I have one week to torture, control and deprive him. I also have the week to tease, ignite, and weaken him down. I can assure you that he will never forget me for what I have in store.

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Throughout the week. I be sure to wear the most seductive clothing I can pull off in this high class setting. Full lingerie underneath. Only slightly visible. I taunt everyone effortlessly. I can already see the numbers rising in the charts. Everyone thinks they have a chance. Every hair flip and bend has everyone’s eye. There not much else to look at in this office and these people are here 24/7. Stressed. I’m a sight for sore eyes.

In the office alone I make it a point to push the limits, to cross the lines. A day hasn’t gone by where haven’t made him hard. Each day I get sluttier and sluttier never allowing him to reveal his true instincts. The day before his true session I decided to really turn up the volume. I barged into his office startling him and told him to sit back down in his chair, “don’t move. Take your cock out then don’t touch nothing! Hands on the chair.” Being in the office there’s nothing he can do. He takes out his rock hard cock and stares at me amazed as I do a slow strip tease. I move my body around showing off my sexiest features and flashing my pussy, ass and tits. I pinch my nipples and moan. I shake my hips slowly side to side then bring my heel up on top of his hand exposing my pussy. I put my finger lightly into my tiny little pink hole and pull it out to show him how juicy his mistress is. I quickly pull my skirt down and smack his cock, ”put this thing away,” I demand, “and send me your instructions.”

I can hear I’m panting to catch his breath. I’ve got this man worked up. He sits there sweating with three minutes before his next meeting. I act casual throughout the day waiting for tomorrow torture session email….

….Stayed Tuned Part Two Next Week

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