Vacation With My Girl- Dirty Confessions

Vacation With My Girl- Dirty Confessions

Seeing her on vacation makes me think of taking her somewhere with me, like next time I go to Turks. This is how I fantasize about a vacation would go. I get off on watching her get off. We already know what she likes… I’m rich but his cock is bigger.


We pull up to the house to get dropped off. We’re on an exclusive island with all of my buddies, their wives/ girlfriends and my brother. She’s looking hot as fuck in this tiny little romper outfit and heels. Everyone’s looking at her. I’m already nervous. She could have any guy here. Maybe she’ll be good? I get so nervous I start to get hard.


Later that night everyone has been drinking. Just about everyone has gone to bed. A few of us fun drunks are still up and ready to get into the hot tub. Her bathing suit is tiny as she’s feeding us shots. My best friend stands up for a moment to “grab a joint.” He’s rock hard, casually acting like he isn’t swinging his enormous boner in front of my smoking hot girlfriend, who’s obsessed with smoking weed. I’m nervous. She’s so drunk. I can see her lock eyes with his huge bulge. Her eyes pop. She giggles out loud with a naughty little grin, bits her finger and jumps up out of the water.


“Let’s take a shot,” she offers, hopping out of the water with her big huge boobies and perfect ass. Matt makes an excuse to turn her way and brush his huge cock against her thigh. I watch in shock as I’m sure my best friend is going for my girl. My brother leaves. Leaving me alone in the tub while they’re in the living room getting more party concoctions. I hear her giggle really loud. I’m so hard. What the fuck are they doing in there? They reappear together laughing and trying to squeeze through the door at the same time. Real Chummy.


She hops in the tub and hands me my shot. We three cheers and through the shots back. The music is on and she starts to dance on me looking over at him. He swims over next to me and starts to rub up the back of her leg, she moans looking at me. I hope for a moment she thinks I’m trying to seduce her back into our room. He intensifies the motion now playing with both of her ass cheeks right in front of me. She leans over putting her tiny bikini pretty much on his face. Is this happening. I’m so hard, watching, staring in disbelief.


I know he’s bigger than me. He slides her panties to the side licking her pussy, both ass cheeks in his hands. He’s such a big guy I don’t even know what to do. She looks and me, I grin nervously accidentally signaling some kind of go ahead. Matt stands up, trunks down, boner up. He rubs his cock up and down my girlfriends back side. He rubs his cock up her thigh, over her pussy and slides his cock between her butt cheeks and back, swirling over her wet pussy. She’s so into this big cock. He sinks it in. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 inches. 6, he’s got me beat, 7, 8. She’s going wild and he isn’t even fully in. She’s leaned against the tub rail next to me. I can see how full he’s got her. She’s moaning loudly, squeezing her breasts, welcoming every inch of his monstrous cock. “Fuuuck,” she moans twisting her nipple. “Your cock’s so much better than Steve’s.”


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Just then her body convulses. She starts to moan deep as her eyes roll back. He’s twisting her nipples as her body cums. Naked and wet my girlfriends finishes off on my best friends huge cock, swearing and moaning for what seems like hours. He’s so good. As she finishes he pulls his 10 inches out, squirting his huge load all over my girlfriends back.


She’s in heaven after getting pounded so hard. I help her back to our suite.




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