Why I Cheated

Why I Cheated

Why I Cheated

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I’ve been reflecting a lot on my actions lately because I wanted to know why I cheated. I got involved with a much younger man at work. He is actually completely out of my league. We’ve worked together for years and I always thought he was attractive but I never thought that he and I would end up having an affair.

I Personally Am Very Sexual

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I’m pretty happy with my boyfriend. We’ve been together for 3 years, we don’t fight very much and we have sex often. I guess it is a little dull but he doesn’t think so. I personally am very sexual so I’m probably more than he can handle, anyhow. He does well though. It’s odd because Evan (the other guy) and I didn’t start on a sexual level at all. Mundane work project after project there wasn’t too much time for personal chit chat. I always thought he was attractive but was freakishly out of my league.

Catching An Uber Together

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One day we ended up catching an Uber together back to the office from a lunch meeting. We just hit it off, I don’t even know what it was. I guess we were just so passionate about our next goal. It was a great icebreaker even though it wasn’t anything special. The next day he asked if I wanted to chat about the project at lunch and I said yes. Lunch was completely different than I thought it would go. Evan opened up about his entire life it seemed. He complained so much even though nothing seemed to be wrong. Damn he hates his life, I thought to myself. I just smiled and stayed positive.  He wanted to know everything about me. I told him all the fun things I do to stay busy. He listened to every word. He was amazed at all my hobbies. I’m only half committed when I have the time but I do like to get involved in my community. From there I just felt something and now about 3 months later I wonder why I cheated.

We Hooked Up On A Work Trip

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We hooked up on a work trip in Orlando, FL. It seemed so natural. I couldn’t wait any longer so much had built up between us, so quickly, in that short amount of time. I know why I cheated, it was hot and passionate. It wasn’t just good it was great. After the great sex we went back out and enjoyed the fun atmosphere and talked more. I’m so worried everything with Evan is so perfect and exciting. I’m starting to feel like my life isn’t that great at home and I want more. I think I’m in love with my co-worker and I don’t even know how he feels. I’m in a huge mess now and I need to sort things out. I still love my boyfriend and I don’t want to have to move and split everything up. I feel bad I cheated. I think why I cheated is because I’m just bored. I have a lot more to figure out.

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