Your Mistress Wants A Taste

Your Mistress Wants A Taste

I see her use my body for her pleasure

“Come in and sit down.” She asks me into her playroom. I follow her in and sit down. She sits straddling over the top on me. Instantly I’m hard. She pulls her entire body close to whisper in my ear, “Your mistress wants a taste,” she breathes heavy and starts to feel over my chiseled body. She’s in hot leather pants, high knee boots and a surprisingly low-cut top. Normally she’s in leather head to toe. She’s on top of me. Her hot body pressing into me. Her large breasts are against my face. I’m so turned on as she’s rubbing over my pecks and abs. Her face is cuddled into my neck. She smells me and starts to bite and suck. I’m not tied down, I’m stiff with fear. ‘She’s sexually enjoying my body,’ I think to myself. My cock is rock hard. She pulls my shirt up and ‘kicks’ to order me back. I recline slightly as she straddles over the top of me and starts to unbutton my dress shirt. She pulls me tightly by the tie and starts to grind over my wash board abs. I see her use my body for her pleasure. Choking me she pulls my head to the side and starts to kiss my neck and slowly licks up my face. “GET UNDRESSED, leave the tie.”

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You’re a hot little slut aren’t you

I’m engaged. I’m the best shape of my life and I dominate at work. Every week I’ve come here to submit. Each time my mind is conquered. I know I’m not bad looking but I’ve never been used for my body or could score a girl this hot. This woman is so powerful. She takes more than I thought I could give. My cock is rock hard. She walks over with lipstick and grabs my face. My mouth forced to pout; she puts the lipstick on each lip. “I know what you’re doing, looking at me like that from across the office?” Her role playing is wild. ‘Fuck don’t cum already!’ I think to myself how she gets me going. “You’re a hot little slut aren’t you, wearing that red lipstick and tight clothes.” She paces around me, heels clicking slowly, circling around. She pokes around feeling for what she thinks might interest her. She stops behind my back and crouches down putting my head between her tits as she paws around working her hands down to what she really wants. She stops. Not touching my cock. “You think I’m easy?” She flicks my hard cock sending crazy pain through my entire body. I’m not tied up though I react as if I am. She’s trained me so well. I flex in place and my head drops. I see I’ve gotten lipstick on my chest. “Well aren’t you a sloppy slut,” she laughs walking back in front of me. She stands tall looking down at me.


“You want to walk around everyday flaunting how hot you are? Teasing everyone in here.” She leans down both hands on my knees, face to face with my cock. “You know you turn me on walking around here like that,” she’s spread my thighs and is massaging my legs. “I don’t know how much longer I can resist you walking round asking for it.” She spreads my legs even further tugging my ass apart. I feel the blood leave my head. She pulls back slowly, enjoying the emotions she’s put me through. She stands up and turns around. She starts to dance pulling her hands slowly up the back side of her body, cupping then spanking her ass. She leans back into my naked body grinding over my chest. I lie beneath her as she touches herself on top of me. She pulls my tie tight as she slides down over my cock then reaches back into my hair grinding herself against my cock. “See what you do to me, you little slut,” she feels herself as she’s on top of me. I can’t move. I’m in aww of what’s going on a top of me. Her body is so hot. I’ve been edging this entire time. I dare not touch her. My mind wonders if her pussy is wet? I would cum right now if I felt a wet spot in her panties from me. She grinds her pussy up and down my cock really working to rub it in. She’s moaning and touching. Holding back my load is torture but I will be punished if I cum on her clothes. All I want right now is to keep making her happy. She’s really enjoying this.

“FUUUCK,” I scream.

Lightning bolts shoot through my cock as she grabs it for the first time. “FUUUCK,” I scream. I can barely take this much longer. She lifts her backside up my chest and lowers her head to my cock stopping right above to breath on it. I throb out of control, wiggling, crazy in my chair. She laughs and her successful tease. She stands up with my cock in her hand and then suddenly drops below my knees where I am unable to see her.


She massages slow and deep into my thighs working her hands back up to my ass. She spreads my legs wide massaging large circles into my thighs. I’m leaned back as she pulls my ass apart slowly and starts to rub over my ass hole lightly with her finger. I moan out loud. I’ve never had this done before. It feels so good. I can tell this could make me come. She uses both fingers to open my hole as she leans in and licks. “Fuck, mistress may I cum,” instantly she takes control going back to rubbing it with her finger. “Oh, you like that?” She questions mocking my urgent need. “I want you to thank me as I make you cum.” She looks at me grabbing my balls and touching ass my, “I’m going to make you cum so hard. I’m going to lick your slutty ass until you cum.” She pulls my aching balls before opening my ass. “I going to take every drop this time.” I’m leaned back fully open, ready to cum at my mistresses command. She leans in licking my ass deep. I’m edged, edged, edged. My cock is rock hard and bursting. She reaches up to stroke my huge pipe one time as she eats my ass, “Thank you mistress,” I moan as cum on myself, shaking. She doesn’t ease up as she licks my hole. My cock drains all the cum from my balls. The intensity makes me shiver as cum continues to pour down the side of my cock. It’s shot everywhere and leaks out on top of my belly. I breathe deep trying to catch my breath. It was the most intense one hour of my life.

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